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Article 1 Section 1
Legislative Powers go to Congress
Congress= Senate and house
Article 1 Section. 2.
Requirements of House
Resident of U.S. for at least 7 yrs
Resident in state of Representation
Article 1 Section 2
Power and Requiements of Houe of Representatives

+chosen every 2 yrs
+chosen by population
+age 35, resident for 7 yrs, resident in state
+ - Executive Authority will issue Writs of Election to fill vacancies
+House chooses Speaker and other Officers, and have the sole Power of Impeachment
Article 1 Section 3
whats in in?
powers and qualifications of senate
Article 1: Section 3
+Chosen every 6 yrs
+After the first Election 3 parts: First Class, vacated at 2nd yr
Second Class at 4th
Third Class at 6th y
+temporary appointments may be made until next meeting of legislature
+Age: 30. Citizen of U.S. 9 yrs. reident of state
_canchoopse a president protempore
who is president of senate?
president (Article 1 sect3)
what does article 1 sec 3 say about impeachment?
lead to removal from Office, and whoever is impeached cant enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States
Article 1: Section 4
Elections and Meetings-
Each state legislature will deicde the Time, Place and Manner of holding Elections for Senate and house
Clause 2- Congress meets at least once every Year on the first Monday in December unless altered by law. changed in amendment 20
What's in aticle section 5
Duties of Houses
Specifics of Article 1: Section5
+Each House judges the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its Members
+Each House makes own Rules of its Proceedings, punishments for disorderly Behavior, and expulsion of a Member with 2/3 vote
Keep a Journal
voting records will be entered at request of 1/5 present
Congress, can't adjourn for 3 or more days without Consent of other or to another Place than where the two Houses shall be sitting
Article 1 Section 6
House Pay and restrictions
Article section 6
pay and restrictions
paid from Treasury
Can't get Felony and Breach of the Peace during Sessions or debate
congressmen can hold civil office or vice versa
Article 1 section 7
money bill starts in house then follow uual protocol. What the protocol?