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Dept. Of State
Condoleeza Rice
Our state eats red beans and rice.
Dept. Of Treasury
John Snow
The National Treasury is in DC. when we went to DC we saw lots of _____.
Dept. Of Defense
Donald Rumsfield
DDDDDefense DDDDD_____
Dept. Of Justice
Alberto Gonzales
Fastest mouse in all Mexico does good deeds.
Dept. Of Interior
Gale Norton
Her name sounds like an interior designer.
Dept. Of Agriculture
Mike Johanns
Dept. Of Commerce
Carlos Guiterrez
name=foreigner= foreign trade = commerce
Dept. Of Labor
Elaine Chao
her name sounds like her kid did child labor in Malaysia.
Dept. Of Housing and Urban Development
Alphonso Jackson
urban...sounds like a street name. like alfalfa sprout. or al______.
Dept. Of Health and Human Services
Michael O. Leavitt
leavitt to old people to need an entire department to make sure theyre swallowing the right pills in the morning.
Dept. Of Education
Margaret Spellings
her name is freakin associated with her department.
Dept. Of Transportation
Norman Mineta
name=minute=new ork minute=train=transportation
Dept. Of Energy
Samuel Bodman
he sounds like an old fat guy who buzzes in bush's ear all day about how the ozone layer is depleting and we're all gonna die.
Dept. Of Veterans
Jim Nicholson
back in the veterans' days, a nickel was worth more than yer life.
Dept. Of Homeland Security
Michael Chertoff
sounds like a russian foreigner we need to defend ourselves against.