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Adolf Hitler
arrested after Beer Hall Putsch
Francisco Franco
Fascist leader of Spain
Neville Chamberlain
Used policy of appeasement towards Germany at the Munich Conference
Emporer Hirohito
Emperor of Japan
Joseph Stalin
Communist leader of the Soviet Union
Winston Churchill
British Prime Minister during the Battle of Britain and the rest of the war
Harry Truman
President who decided to drop the bomb on Hiroshima
Dwight Eisenhower
Supreme Allied Commander in europe
Franklin Roosevelt
died at the beginning of his 4th term
Douglas MacArthur
"I shall return" after the Phillipines fell to Japanh
nation that signed the nonaggression pact w/Germany that led to the invasion of Poland
Soviet Union
Hitler annexed this country
Britain and France followed a policy of appeasement by
submitting to Hitler's demands
1st raid against Japanese after Pearl Harbor
Doolittle's Raid
Spanish Civil War
training ground for Axis Powers
Tuskegee Airmen
all black Army Air Corps
war that broke out between the Soviet Union and the US because of the nuclear arms race
the Cold War
Rosie the Riveter
name given to the women in the workforce during WWII
massive evacuation of British and French troops to England
Night of the Long Knives
When Hitler eliminated his political competition