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failure of urethral groove
persistent allantois
urachal abnormalities
secondary failure of mesoderm
prune belly syndrome
failure of end organ response
undesccended testis
notochord duplicatioin
bladder duplication
mesonephric duct abnormality
agenesis of vas and seminal vesicles
and obstructive megaureter
genital tubercle defect
agenesis of penis
ureteral bud defect
ureteral duplication and ectopic ureter. also ureterocele, renal agenesis, diverticulum, refluxing oriface
cloacal membrane anomaly
failure of urorectal septum
imperforate anus
persistence of chwalle's mem
persistence of muller's tubercle
posterior urethral valves
failure of bud
renal agenesis
abnormal position of bud
ureterocele, ectopic ureter, diverticulum
splitting of bud
duplicatioin anomaly (Weigert-meyer rule)
excess absorption of bud
refluxing oriface