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Eighteenth Amendment
prohibited the sale, transportation, and manufacture of alcohol
Great Migration
movement of blacks to north
Ida Tarbell
muckracker who exposed Rockefeller
revolutionary industrial union founded in 1905
Langston Hughes
leading literary figure of the Harlem Renaissance
Lincoln Steffens
muckraker who exposes the corrution within cities
Marcus Garvey
black leader in early 1920's, created Universal Negro Improvement Association
New Nationlism
Roosevelt's progressive deal
19th amendment
grant women suffrage
Pure Food and Drug Act
law that regulate food
Robert La Follette
WIsconsin idea
Sacco and Vanzetti
falsely charged and executed
Social Gospel
movement that began in Protestant churches in the late 19th century
Upton Sinclair
"The Jungle"
Alfred Thayer Mahan
Naval officer who wants bigger naval power
Milio Aguinaldo
Filipino Patriot
George Dewey
naval hero at Manila Bay
Henry Cabot Lodge
against the Treaty of Versaille
John Fiske
historian and expansionist who argued that the US was destined to spread
John Hay
secretary of state in McKinley and Roosevelt administration
Josiah Strong
expansionist who blended the racist and religious reasons to justify American expansion
Pineapple Republic
Platt Amendment
an amendment added to Cuba after the Spanish-American War
Roosevelt Corollary
addendum to the Monroe Doctrine
Teller Amendment
part of the declaration of war against Spain
Valeriano Weyler
Spanish governor in charge of Cuba
William Borah
led a group of senatior who oppsed to join the League of Nations
Bloody Shirt
Republican campaign tactic that blamed the Dems for the Civil War
Credit Mobilier
a major scandal in Grant's second term
Dawes General Allotment Act
abloished communal ownership of Indian reservations
Free Silver
political movement to inflate currency by government
Grandfather Clause
laws in the South to provent blacks from voting
Granger Movement
a farmers' organization and movement
James B. Weaver
former Civil War general
new immigration
immigrants from south and eastern europe
pendleton act
reform pssed by congress that restricted the spoils system
Samuel Gompers
labor leader and president of AFL
Republicans in the 1870s who supported Grant