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which type of hiatal hernia is related to GERD?
type I (sliding) mucous membrane must be 2cm above hiatus
different types of hiatal hernias?
type I-sliding
type II- paresophageal
type III- combination I and II
type IV- other organs involved
which test must be performed before hiatal herinia repair is considered?
esophageal manometry (measures motility)
classic sx. of GERD?
heartburn in supine position relieved by antacids
manometry results of GERD?(having one or more indicates GERD)
pressure of less than 6mm Hg, length of less than 2cm, abd length of less than 1cm
gold dx standard of GERD?
esophageal pH testing using the Demeester score; two SD indicates GERD
common complications of GERD?
esophagitis, stricture, and barrett
three transabdominal approaches to tx GERD?
Nissen (360degrees), Toupet fundiplication (270degrees), and Hill post. gastropexy
three transthoracic approaches to tx GERD?
Nissen, Belsey Mark IV repair (270degree wrap), Collis gastropathy(lenghten esophagus)
complications of nissen?
inability to vomit, gas retention, and dysphagia
trochar size and positioning for gb surgery?
2 5mm in lateral and medial (between umbilical port and lateral port), 10mm subxyphoid and supraumbilical
borders of triangle of calot?
liver superiorly, common hepatic duct medially, and cystic duct inferiorly. Cystic artery branch from from the right hepatic art. crosses this triangle
base of the cystic art is also called?
calot's node
bile canaliculi in the liver empty into what before the right and left hepatic biliary ducts?
canal of hering, then to four segment ducts
right hepatic duct is end of which to segment ducts and at what location?
ant. and post. segment ducts joining at the porta hepatis
left hepatic duct formed by which two segment ducts?
medial and lateral
which hepatic duct is often enlarged in chronic obstructive liver disease?
cause of postcholecystectomy syndrome?
excessively long cystic duct remnant attached to common bile duct
cystic art branches?
ant. superficial and post. deep
term used for palpable gallbladder?
Courvoisier's sign
types of reflux procedures performed after laproscopic heller myotomy?
toupet(post.) or dor(ant.) hemifundiplication
medical tx. for achalasia?
botulism toxin