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What command identifies yourself on the current shell?
who am i
What command lists all logged on users?
What command list all hiddend files in the current working directory?
ls -a
What command provides information about the ls command?
man ls
What are the 2 ways off logging of a shell?
exit and CNTL-D
What is EOT and how can it be entered on the shell?
End-of-Transmission character; CNTL-D
What command lists dates and times (and what format do options generally take)?
date; date +"%A" (where stands for some letter)
How do you list the day of the week on the shell?
echo date +"%A"
How are various options, such as command paths, java home directory, your default shell stored?
in environment variables
How does a shell locate a command?
Through the path specified int the PATH environment variable
What command is used to provide "output text" in a user written command?
echo command
How do you find your current working directory?
pwd command
How do you list files in your current working directory?
ls command
What do hidden file names contain?
start with a period
Once you logon to a system, what lets you know you can enter a command.
the command line prompt
What is the comand prompt on the bourne shell?
What 2 directory prefixes usually contain home directories?
/home and /usr
What is the delimiter on PATH entries?
How do you tell Unix to run commands from the current directory?
period (.)