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What is the purpose of a FIG?
1)To become acquainted with the libraries on campus
2)A jump start
3)make connections with upperclassmen
4)To get extra help in classes
5)Fulfills gen ed requirements (not major requirements)
How can I be a fig assistant?
You can apply after your first year to be an F.A.
What are freshman seminars?
Freshman seminars are small interactive classes designed only for freshman.
They are designed to be challenging and thought-provoking and cover a wide range of topics.
Is there a waiting list for freshman seminars?
There is no waiting list. But there are for FIGS.
What are transfer seminars?
Transfer seminars are a great way for transfer students to get to know other students. And to hit the ground running at the UO. Designed to get them oriented to campus.
What is Society of College Scholars?
An elite group on campus.
Must be invited- a 4 year program of certain classes to lead to a special honors in graduation.
What is the academic advising office?
1. It is a centralized office to support departmenta advising.
2. They work closely with all departments on campus to help students fulfill gen. ed requirements as well as major requirements.
Is academic advising optional for students coming to IntroDUCKtion?
When is the recommended time for a student to declare their major?
At the end of sophomore year.
It is required to go to WHAT and WHAT even when youre major is already declared?
General Advising Seminar.
Academic Advising Seminar in addition to their specific major department advising.
Students who miss classes due to WHAT can be helped by Academic Advising office.
Traumatic reasons.
What do students do at general advising during IntroDUCKtion?
Students will spend 20-30 minutes meeting with an advisor, discussing general education requirements, and generating ideas for classes based on their or ed. requirements. They will receive their student ID and PAC numbers and prepare to register by generating a possible schedule of classes.
Who is Chicora Martin?
Director of LGBTQ Educational Support Services Program.
Who can students of color go to see?
A multicultural advisor in the Office of Multicultural Academic Support. (in addition to general advising)
Who can International students go to see?
If they feel they need another source of advising, the Office of International Programs will help them in addition to the general academic advising services.
Where is Academic Advising?
364 Oregon Hall.
How many main Academic Advisors are there and number of additional advisors to assist in advising?
11 main advisors and 25 additional advisors
What are the services and support ofered by Disability Services?
Sign language interpreters, note takers, exam adjustments, classroom reolocation, lab assistance, computer based note taking, instructor notification, and Specialized Equipment Loan.
What does Disability Services do?
They work closely with the student as well as their professors to make sure they feel comfortabl with their classes.
What if you are unsure whether you have a disability or not?
You can be tested by Disability Services.
Where are Disability Services located?
In 164 Oregon Hall
What is the number to Disability Services?
What is the number to Academic Advising?
Who is the director for Disability Services?
Steve Pickett
What to know about Financial Aid and scholarship questions?
They are all complicated and individualized. Important for us to ask questions and then refer to Financial Aid.
What is the FAFSA and how does it help me get money for college?
Free Application for Federal Student Aid. There is a March 1st deadline
What are the three types of Financial Aid awarded in the UO Reward Letter?
1. loans
2. grants
3. work-study
What Scholarships are available to UO students?
Merit-based scholarships: do not consider applicant's financial need in sleecting recipients, focusing instead on academic merit, community involvement and/or talens and accomplishments.
Financial need-based scholarships: take the financial situation of an applicant into consideration. Often, need-based scholarships look for a combo of need and merit in successful applicant.
Which two scholarships are specific to the Financial Aid Office?
Diversity Building and University Scholarshpi Application.
How can parents have access to Financial Aid information?
Click authorize on duck web.
How are student loans dispersed?
They are equally disperse and make it inmportant to paln ahead for expenses
Where is the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office located?
Room 260 of Oregon Hall.
What is the number to Financial Aid and Scholarships Office?
What are the most comon services provided by the Business Affairs Office to UO students?
Tuitions, refunds, housing collection agencies, payroll, student loans,
Where do you go for information/assistance with residency classification?
Brian Stanley.University of Oregon
1217 University of Oregon
Office of Admissions
Phone (541) 346-3201
What is QuikPAY?
an electronic system for all students to:
1. view and print their bills
2. make payments online
3. establish third parties as Authorized Payers who can do the same
IT is convenient, easy to use, and secure.
You can view and pay your bill 7 days a week from any location via the internet.
You can recieve your tuition bills faster-online with email notification.
Allows elimination of mail service.
Immediate confirmation
Saves money- no check writing, no envelopes or stamps needed.
How do you access QuikPAY?
Students can access it through the Student Menu in Duckweb safely. You use your user name and password provided by the UO student.
How do you Pay your bill on QuickPAY?
Make secure online payments from your account. E-Checks can be made from US bank accounts.
What are the mandatory fees?
Technology Fee,
Building Fee,
Health Service Fee,
Incidental Fees,
Rec Center Bond Fee,
Energy Surcharge Fee,
Registration Fee,
Resource Fees
Matriculation Fee (one time payment)
What is the tuition fee?
The amount a student is charged per credit hour for instruction cost.
What is the technology fee?
This fee covers the cost of maintaining and improving the computer access at the UO. This includes comptuer labs, internet access and other technical services.
What is the building fee?
This fee is allocated to cover a portion of the costs for maintaining the grounds and buildings on the UO campus.
What is the health service fee?
This fee provides the student access to a full service Health Center on campus. This includes low cost office visits, reduced pharmacy rates, lab work and other medical services. It doesn't include insurance.
What is the Incidental fee?
This fee covers the cost of running the student government and numerous student groups who submit budget requests each year. The most visible benefit a student receives from this fee includes, free athletic tickets, and free bus service throughout Lane County.
What's the Rec Center Bond Fee?
This fee is being used to retire the debt incurred to buid and renovate the Student Rec Center.
What is the energy surcharge fee?
This fee was approved to cover the unusual rise in electricity cost in 2001.
What is the registration fee?
This fee is assessed per term to all students in the first credit hour of enrollment each term. This fee is to cover the fixed costs of registering and incorporating a student in the student body each term.
What is the resource fee?
A resource fee is a mandatory enrollment fee assed to students admitted to, or generally understood to be enrolled in a specific school, college, department or degree program.
What is the Matriculation fee?
This is a one time fee is at the beginning students' 1st term at the UO. For an undergrad it is $250 and for a grad student it is $150. It covers:
student orientation, late registration, transcripts, change of program, degree application, and re-enrollment fees.
What is the CORRECT academic advising number?
What are the Academic Advising services and programs?
Undeclared and Pre-professional advising (pre-med, pre-law, etc)
National Student Exchange, Workshops (applying to grad school...), Complete withdrawal, appeals and petitions, peer advising.
Where is the Main Housing Office located?
On the 1st floor of Walton
What are the office hours of the Housing ofice?
M-F 8-5
What is the Housing Office number?
Why would you recommend living in the residence halls?
Great way to get involved in school and community and convenient to resources.
What is included in the res halls?
bed, mattress, desk, desk chair, closet, window blinds, and carpet.
What do area desks provide? When are they open?
Open 7 days a week. Handle room changes, checkouts, temporary key loans, room repair, linen/phone check-out, sporting gear, and video/electronic equipment, and mail redistribution.
What are RA's for?
Residential Assistants are students who live in teh res halls and have knowledge of campus resources and student issues. They are there to answer questions, connect students to the university, and coordinate activities and programming.
What are Complex Directors?
Full-time professional staff members (usually masters students who each live in a housing complex to suepervise residence staff and to oversee that there is positive development in the res halls)
Open 24 hours on the weekends
How does the University keep students safe in the res halls?
1. one way peephools in res room doors
2. doors that lock on all rooms and halls
3. campus telephones at each hall entrance
4. official name tags on all Housing staff
5. patrol by students trained by DPS
6. RA's and Complex Directors that are on duty at regular hours
Long distance, voice messaging, and call waiting can be requested through what?
The UO telecommunication services
Where are there wireless connections?
In the LLC, most residence hall lounges and study rooms, and Hamilton Commons.
When can changes be made to housing applications?
Before July 15th. Roommate requests can be made after this.
What is the charge for breaking a housing contract?
$9 per day from the day of check-out until the end of the academic year.
What if a student is plalning to become part of the Greek community?
They must specify on their housing app they they wish to be part of the Greek release Program. They are given a temp living space and have 12 days to make their decision.
After talking to roommates about problems, if problems persist then speak to whom?
1. res assistant/fig assistant
2. complex director
3. main housing office -sandy
What is a res FIG?
Group of 25 first year students who take 2 gen ed classes together during fall term and live together in the halls throught hte year.
What does more than one alcohol/drug violation result in?
Fines, ubstance abuse prevention classes, probation, or even eviction.
When does University Housing give parents information about student's conduct?
If in danger of themselves or others or if the student signs a waiver to allow their parents to recieve info.
What is a deduck account?
Allows students to expand on a meal plan by adding dollar amounts ot their student ID card and they recieve 10% off any amount over $100. (strictly res halls ,can't use at bookstore, ect)
What are the housing options for students who are full time through Family Housing and University Apartments?
There's 6:
Graduate village (for graduate students without children)
Moon Court Apts.,
Spencer View Apts., (all campus housing is close to edge of campus but spencer is 1 mile away)
Agate Apts.,
East Campus Houses.,
All month to motn contracts with variety of sizes.
These homes available first to those with children, then to grads, and then to undergraduate 21 years of age or older.
How are problems with alchohol/drug handled?
Dealth with on a case by case basis depneding on the severity but students are always written up by RA's for an alcohol violation. DPS is always called if there is a marijuana incident.
What is the number to Computing services? How long open?
M-F 9-5
Where is the Computing services location?
151 McKenzie
What is the res halls connection speed?
DHCP (10 base T) which is 100 and is a step up from DCL
How do students connect to internet?
ResNet ethernet chord. It is standard RJ 45 size. No monthly cost.
What is the number to Computer Services?
Where are the updated versions of security located? (computing services)
McK 151 (the computing center)
How much does software and hardware repair cost?
Software: free
Hardware: $80/hr.
Where do you buy computer locks?
At the bookstore- recommended is teh Griffin company. It's a port lock.
Name the libraries.
Knight, AAA, Law, Math (Fenton 210), Science, M.A.P (Map and Aerial Photography or Topographcal Map)
Most of the periodicals are in what format?
How any volumes of books are in knight library?
over 2 million
What does ITC stand for?
Information tech center
How much does it cost to print at the library?
B and W: 8 cents.
50 cents for color
What specific things can we find in the knight library?
topographical and us and int'l maps, aerial photography, and gov documents
Where is the largest oversize book collection stored?
Triple A library
Which library, that is not on campus, does the science library work with?
marine biology
What are three classes through the tackling series of Academic Learning Services?
ALS 199:
tackling time, tackling tests and tackling texts. Meets only two weeks.
Where is the Office of International Programs located?
330 Oregon Hall.
What is the number to the Office of International Programs?
How early can a student study abroad?
As early as spring term freshman year.
Applying for study abroad requires what?
Recommenation letters, essays, transcripts..etc
How can the office international programs help you with studying abroad?
Adivising, orientations, help transfer credits after studying abroad, jobs in the study abroad office, activities around campus to share what htey learned while abroad,
How many study abroad programs in how many countries?
140 programs in 80 countries.
Where is the office of multicultural support?
164 Oregon hall. Open: m-f 8-5
What is the contact info for OMAS?
Name five types of diversity that can be found on campus:
1.race and ethnicity
2. political beliefs
3. gender
4.socioeconomic status
5. religion
What is the percentage of self-identified "ethnic minorities" on campus?
14.2 %
OMAS works iwth what other office to set up tutoring assistance?
ALS- offers vouchers to prsent to ALS
OMAS offers classes in what two subjects?
writing, math classes
get priority in registration
What is the DBS?
Diversity Building Scholarship: students who enhance the educational experience of all students by sharing diverse cultural experiences
OMAS monitors recipients of the award to make sure they keep good standing and requirements.
What is USP?
Undergraduate support program.The University of Oregon admits annually a limited number of freshmen who show academic promise, even though their high school transcripts or SAT scores do not meet minimum admissions requirements.USP is for first-year students only, and designed to provide academic support and resources to ensure a successful university experience.
What is MAPS?
Models for Academic Success. Includes Gen. ed requirements and offeres introductoin to university education.
What is TOLA?
Target of Opportunity Laurel Award. Aims toward encouraging undergraduate students to pursue.
What is the Reach for Success program?
Pipeline Program toward middle schools to get them excited about college.
What does the Testing Office offer?
Graduate tests (GRE, MCAT, LSAT..ect) and Test of English as a foreign language. As well as CLEP exams. ($80)
Works with Counseling Center to test clients for psych purposes.
What does the Testing Office provde for incoming freshman?
Placement tests for foreign language and math.
Where is the UO Testing Center?
Room 270 in the Health Center. W
Where are romance language tests administered? Math, jap and chinese?
Computer lab. Timed. Take about a half an hour to complete.
mjc: testing center. (oral interview)
and ballroom.
How much do health center visits cost?
he standard charge for an appointment with a physician, dentist or nurse practitioner is only $7. Some other services may be more expensive while others are available at no charge.
What is the number for the health center?
What are the three ways to pay for a vist?
1. Charge to Oregon Hall account
2. cash
3. check
What are the 13 services provided through the health center?
physicians, immunization, nurse practictioners, pharmacy, light therapy with SAD, laboratory, psychiatrist, x-ray dept, preventative dental services, travel care specialty, phsycial therapy, sports med, allergy treatment,
The UO requires all students to have what?
The MMR vaccine. Measels, mumps, rubella.
For after hours care there is what?
Nurse advice line. Call health center and press 1
What are the three outside medical facilities?
Sacred Heart Hospital
Peach Health urgent care
Mckenzie willamette hospital
What are group therapy and workshops?
Groups of 5-8. About: relationships, eating disorders, grief and loss, coping with mentail illness and more
What type of doctors are available?
Physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physical therapists/athletic trainers, dentists/hygenists, dietician, relief physicians.
What are peer health educators?
Group of students who have taken an EDLD class. Provide students iwth peer to peer relationship: like medical probelms that affect students. G out to community to provide awareness
What does FPEP stand for?
Family Planning Expansion Project.
Includes federal medicaid program, provides family planning services at no cost.
How are you eligible for FPEP?
If you are eligible to use the health center, have ID and proof of identity, a U.S citizen, an Oregon resident, have a SSN and woman under 56.
Where is the counseling center?
2nd floor of Health Center. M-F 8-5
Drop in: 8-4
What does the counseling center provide?
Full service mental health dept.
Individual couples and group therapy
Psych testing
Psycho-educational workshops
crisis consultatoin and clientation
What are the types of individual therapies?
relationship problems, depression, college adjustment difficulties, sense of self issues
What are the hours of the EMU?
Upper level: mon-fri 7-11:30. sat-sun 10-11:30
Lower: Mon-Fri: 7-2. sat-sun 10-2
What is on the lower/ground floor of the EMU?
the break, the buzz,
campus copy, club sports, computer lab, craft center,
leadership resource center, LGBTQA,
men's center, multicultural center,
nontraditional student union,
outdoor programs,
student I.D. office, survival center
union market,
women's center
What is on the first/main floor of the emu?
fir room, food,
international resource center, info center, internatl student association,
river rooms,
scheduling office,
ticket office
What is on the second floor of the EMU?
adell mcmillan art gallery
emu ballroom
event services
KWVA 88.1 Fm
What is on the third floor of the EMU?
Oregon daily emerald (independent of the university),
Oregon commentator (conservative),
The Student Insurgent (liberal)
ASUO legal services
What is outdoor of EMU?
Cultural forum
Name the int'l student unions:
African student association, chinese SA, European SA, Honk Kong SA, Jap student organization, Kultura Pilipinas, Malaysian SO, Signapore SA, Students of the INdian Subcontinent, Vietnamese SA
Name the multicultural student unions:
Asian Pacific American Student union, Black Student Union, Black Women of Achievement, Jewish Student Union, MeChA, Native American Student Union
Where is the Office of Student Life?
164 Oregon Hall
What is the number to the Office Student Life?
What are the services of the Office of Student Life?
Bias Response Team
Conflict Resolution Services
Diversity and Education support
Family Programs and Commencement
Honors and Awards
Nontraditional Student Programs
Sexual Violence Prevention and Education, Student Judicial Affairs, Substance Abuse PRevention and Education
What is Diversity and Education support?
Provides resources and advocates for a campus environment
supporting diversity and personal development for everyone to grow
-connects students, faculty, staff, and local community members iwth a network to promote success of stduents of color
WHat is conflict resolution services?
-offers mediation, personal coaching, and communication workshops and classes
-all services confidential and free of charge
What is family programs and commencemnt?
-maintain a connection with families of students through family weekend, the COnnections newsletter, and the family resources website.
what is LGBT educational and support services program?
Promotes a supportive environment for LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff
-foster awareness of homophobia, heterosexism, and gender bias through support services and educational efforts
What is the bias response team?
-ensure s a comprehensive response to bias incidients
-provides a safe spae for targets of bias to have thie rvoices heard
-obtains info regarding incidents of bias on campus and in the greater community
What are nontraditional student programs?
-assists nontraditional student in meeting educational, career, and personal goals.
-students who are over the age of 24 and are: returning to school, just starting college, a parent, or have other dependents
What is Student Judicial Affairs?
Strives to create a respectful, safe environment on campus
-emphasizes personal growth and education in misconduct situations
-violations deal with offesnse listed in teh Student Conduct Code
-social misconduct
-academic dishonesty
What is Substance ABuse Prevention and Education?
-provides services and programs for students iwth issues related to substance use and abuse.
-provides proactive precention programs
-monitors and reviews campus alcohol and drug efforts
What is SExual Violence Prevention and Education?
-provides services and programs for students associated with sexual assault and relationship violence
-provides services to assist friends in helping someone who has been victimized
-develops education adn prevention programs in collaboration with campus partners
What is Honors and Awards?
-plans and inmplements programs for the selection of students to receive campus awards
-coordinates winter reception for Who's Who recipients
-Coordinates University Awards ceremony in spring for student award recipients and families
Where is the PARS office?
181 Esslinger Hall
Where is the PE office?
102 Esslinger Hall
What is the PE office number?
How long is the Student rec open?
m - f 6-11. saturday 10-11. sunday 12-11.
When is the weight room closed?
Mon-Thurs from 9-12 and 1-3.
When are the family rec hours?
for sunday: 2-4 pm with family swim from 4 to 6.
What does PARS stand for?
Personal Activity Recreation Services
How many categories of PE classes? And how many classes? What is the max of PE credits you can take?
16 categories, 180 classes.
12 credits.
Where are PE classes offered?
Gerlinger annex and gerlinger.
Turf fields and running tracks. Basketball and tennis courts. Aerobic rooms.
How much does registration cost to form an intramural team?
$50 a team.
What can students do if they cannot form a full team?
Enter name into a talent draft where they are picked up by other teams.
How many basketball courts that are PARS controlled?
7 total.
3 in main gym
1 in back gym
3 in gerlinger annex.
How many weight rooms?
What are the rock walls measurements?
30 ft. high and 40 ft. tall.
What are the climbing hours on the rock wall?
4 to 10 m-f. and something else friday through sunday. The climbing paths are always changed, 2 days before something?
Where is teh Department of Public Safety?
Straub hall, in alley b/t earl hall and straub, across from the rec.
Name ways to contact the DPS:
office phone: 346-5444
emergency on campus: 346-6666.
emergency off campus: 911.
When is DPS open to the public?
m-f 8-5. But it is on duty, on patrol, and on call 24/7.
ALSO eugene police dept. is on duty at all times within the university district and works in unison with DPS.
How many DPS officers are employed by UO?
18, but 2 more will be hired next year.
How many DPS officers are normally on shift?
3-5 but it varies. depends on day, shift, and recent activitiy. Always one in jeep, but others will be on bicycle.
What are the four types of DPS officers?
1.regular officers
2. security officers
3. parking patrol officers
4. community service officers
What are the goals of DPS? (3)
Prevention, Education (self protection courses and informative talks) and enforcement.
What services are provided for safety on campus?
-emergency call boxes
-map of the lighted walkways (available online)
-an escort by DPS officer always available
- DDS and the Assault Prevention Shuttle are escort services provided for students and RUN BY STUDENTS, NOT DPS
What services does DPS provide?
-parking, decals, and info
-registration of bikes and vehicles
-they will jumpstart a car
-safety and student protection
-the bessman shuttle services for students with disabilites to escort them around campus (2 shuttles available)
-they have a large lost anf found
-gives out whistles, safety lights, and otehr safety devices for free
-has the power to arrest the student through the city or charge them through the university student conduct code system (EPD WILL ARREST THE STUDENT AND NOT GO THROUGH U SYSTEM)
What is the parking fee for student day time parking?
$98, or costs $57 per term. Must have UO id card and license
How much is overnight parking permit?
$96. Only 3 overnight ltos on campus (hamilton, bean, and behind law school). sold on a first come first serve basis bc number of them is limited.
How much is a one day visitor parking permit?
How many permits are sold and how many parking spaces available on campus?
6,000 permits sold for 3,000 parking spaces.
How many parking tickets are written per day? What happens if parking tickets are unpaid?
About 100. If car is registered, the vehicle will get flagged and a bot will be placed on it after 5 written citations.
For those registered, it can stop class registration adn graduation for seniors.
How many bike parking spaces available on campus? How much does it cost to rent a cage in LLC, Riley, Barnhart and East Graduate village?
4,500. $172 per term.
Name services Disability Services offers to students with disabilities.
Academic Advising, Adaptive Technology,
Classroom Relocation,
Notetakers, Notification letters,
Priority Registraion,
Sign language interpreting, Specialized Equipment,
Exam Accomodations
Name types of advising services the Office of Academic Advising offers students
-pre-professional advising (pre-med, pre-law, etc)
-national student exchange
-workshops (applying for grad school...)
-complete withdrawal,
-appeals and petitions, peer advising
What types of parking permits can students purchase?
standard student permits, overnight permits, special permits for barnhart and riley, single-use day permits
Greek release program? How many students?
Name offices on ground floor east wing of the EMU:
ASUO, Craft Center, Survival Center, Student Insurgent, OSPIRG, SETA, Women’s Center (APS and DDS dispatch), Cultural Forum, Men’s Center, Non-traditional Student Union, Veterans and Family Student Association.
Describe two of the programs that PARS is in charge of:
1. physical education courses (fitness programs, aquatics, racquet sports, mind body, martial arts, indivdiual actiities, team sports, outdoor pursuits)
2. Rec Program (rec sports/intramurals, fitness: punch card classes and personal training), aquaitcs, rock climbing wall, youth sports, family program)
What do you do to check out a basketball in the rec?
Use student ID to check out one at equipment desk..
What is the email address that parents of UO students can email with questions/concerns?
WHen are drpo in hours at the counseling center?
m-f 1-4
Name five group services offered through the counseling center:
approaching healthy relationships, coping with mental illness, eating awareness workshop, eating disorders, grief and loss gorup, int'l students, new directions, personal issues/family issues, women's isseus
Who can tell you about Oregon residency requirements?
Biran Stanley, Office of Admissions
When can students take a math placement test?
IntroDUCKtion, week of welcome, and any time. m-f 8-5.
Explain the library Summit program.
Summit is a library catalog that combines info from Pacific Northwest academic libraries into a single unified databse. It allows students to check out material from one of the 33 libraries in teh program. You can check out material at other libraries or request to have it delievered to you at the UO.
What office provides computing supprot for students living in the res halls?
What is a FIG and its benefits?
25 first ertm freshman take three courses together. The two courses are gen-ed courses and the third is a college connections course lead by an upperclassmen and one of the FIG faculty. Helps make large classes smaller by assuring FIG students know 24 others students. allows students to learn the ropes from an uperclassmen. allows them to network with other studens while learning about the UOS resources. allows students to build connections with faculty.
What are freshman seminars?
23 or fewer fershman students in a 3 credit non gen ed elective course taught by a professor with a particular research interst in the field.