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The President is the head of the ____________________.
Leaders are elected to office in our democratic government through the process of
The Supreme Court belongs to the ________________ branch of government.
The first ten amendments to the Constitution are called
Bill of Rights
Many people today do not want to expand the ____ industry in Alsaka because they want to preserve and protect the wilderness area there.
In a democracy the ___________
have the power.
Countries that are highly industralized like the U.S. and Canada may have problems such as
pollution and acid rain
Industrial cities developed in the midwest due to large deposits of _________ and ________ ____ found there.
coal; iron ore
A ________________ occurs when large cities are connected together by roads, railroads, and airlines.
The supreme law of our land is the
Regarding religion, the United States is approximately 85%
This type of economic system is based on
supply and demand
Name the two house of Congress
House of Representatives
Which house of Congress has its membership based in state population?
House of Representatives
Republic means that we
elect leaders to represent us.
The governmnet of the United States is a
Democratic, Federal and Republic
Two national Christian holidays celebrated in the U.S. are
Easter and Christmas
The Federal Government is the ____________ government and it has certain powers such as establishing and ary, waging war, raising money through taxes, and making laws to carry out its duties. All other powers are given to the
National, states
Give the definition for Civic.
citizenship; citizens
The war was the _____________
The three branches of government in the United States are:
Legislative, Judicial, and Executive
Define limited and unlimited government:
power of government is limited .

No limits on power of the governmnet
We were a colony of __________
before we fought a war for our independence.
Great Britian
Martin Luther King, Jr., who adopted the idea of non-violent resistence form Gandhi, helped end ___________ in the United States.
The region that was primarily agricultural but became industrial after time is the
Our economic system is a
Free Enterprise System
The basic social unit of culture is the
A good citizen is someone who is involved in his or her community and nation. This is called
civic participation.
List 4 civic responsibilities:
pay taxes, vote, serve in the military, serve on juries
List 4 civic rights:
freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to assemble, vote