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How many members of the House of Representatives does Illinois have?
What are the qualifications to become a member of the House of Representatives?
at least 25 years old
live in the state representing
citizen for at least 7 years
Why did several states refuse to ratify (approve) the Constitution?
wanted a list of rights protecting their liberties added
How is it determined how many electoral college votes a state receives?
based on members in the House and Senate
What is the ex post facto law?
a law that makes something a crime after it is committed
What are the qualifications for a U.S. Senator?
at least 30 years old
live in the state representing
citizen for at least 9 years
In what city did the Constitutional Convention meet?
Which amendment abolished slavery?
Amendment 13
Which amendment allows citizens the right to criticize the federal government?
Amendment 1
What is the term for a United States Senator?
6 years
In which article would you find the supremacy of the Constitution?
Article 6
What was the name of the war in which the colonies won their independence from England?
Revolutionary War
How many branches is the United States government divided into?
3 Branches
How many terms is the President limited to?
2 Terms
This is an example of a correct check and balance.
President makes a treaty and 2/3's of the Senate ratifies it
What is the name of the oldest document in English history?
Magna Carta
Who is the presiding officer in the House of Representatives?
Speaker of the House
How many members in the House of Representatives?
Which house in Congress is responsible for bringing up the charges of impeachment?
House of Representatives
Who is the President of the Senate?
Vice President
Give examples of a federal court.
Supreme Court
Court of Appeals
District Court
Who originally chose senators?
State Legislatures
In which branch would you find Congress?
Legislative Branch
How often is a census taken?
Every 10 years
How does the Judicial Branch check the Executive and Legislative Branches?
by declaring laws unconstitutional
At what age can one vote?
What is the name of the plan of government proposed during the Constitutional Convention which called for a bicameral Congress based on population?
The Virginia Plan
In which branch would you find the Supreme Court?
Judicial Branch
Which amendment states that the President's term of office begins on January 20?
Amendment 20
Who presides over a trial if a President is impeached?
Chief Justice
What is the elastic clause?
allows Congress to make laws that are necessary in carrying out its expressed powers
What occurs when no candidate for the presidency and vice-presidency receives a majority of electoral votes?
Each state receives one vote
What is the salary of the President?
What is the most common method to propose and ratify amendments to the Constitution?
2/3's of Congress proposes it, 3/4's of the State Legislatures ratify it
What do the stripes of the flag represent?
the states
When was the United States Constitution written?
What is the term for a member of the House of Representatives?
2 years
Who is the current Speaker of the House?
Dennis Hastert
Who finally settles questions about interpreting the Constitution?
Supreme Court
Who was the president of the Constitutional Convention?
George Washington
What is The Great Compromise?
the decision to have 2 houses of Congress, with 1 house's representation based on population and the other's based on equal representation for each state
Total number of electoral college votes in the Electoral College
Name the 2 U.S. Senators from Illinois
Peter Fitzgerald
Dick Durbin
What is the only amendment to be repealed?
Amendment 18
After a bill has been sent to the President, it becomes a law if Congress is still in session and he does not send it back within how many days?
10 days
What is the idea that the powers of government should be divided between and given to different branches?
separation of powers
What does the Preamble state?
Purpose of the Constitution
How many states had to approve the Constitution in order for it to go into effect?
Who is the U.S. Representative from the 18th Congressional District of Illinois?
Ray LaHood
Which department in the cabinet deals with foreign affairs?
Secretary of State
What is the term for the President?
4 years
Give the line of succession to the Presidency.
Vice President, Speaker of the House, President Pro Tempore, Secretary of State
Where do revenue bills originate?
House of Representatives
What is included in the Bill of Rights?
the first ten amendments
Who is the presiding officer of the Senate?
Dick Cheney
What is the plan of government used before the Constitution went into effect?
Articles of Confederation
How many representatives is every state guaranteed?
At least 1
Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
Who has the power to declar war?
What is the term for Chief Justice?
Who is the President of the United States?
George W. Bush
What was the main purpose of the Constitutional Convention?
revise the Articles of Confederation
Who appoints justices to the Supreme Court?
In which branch is the President found?
Executive Branch
Which amendment established Presidential succession?
Amendment 25
What is the name of the group advisors to the President?
How many amendments have there been to the United States Constitution?
What are the qualifications to become President?
at least 35 years old
natural born citizen
U.S. citizen for at least 14 years
What are the powers of Congress?
power to raise and collect taxes
power to coin money
power to declare war
What must occur in Congress for a bill to pass?
majority vote in both houses
How many Supreme Court Justices must agree in handing down a decision?
How can Congress override the President's veto?
a 2/3 vote in both houses of Congress