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National Security Council created after Cold War -very tiny council, fewer than 10 ppl
-created for coordinating diplomacy and defence
-someplace for rivalry between secretaries of diplomacy and defence consolidated under President and VP
Atlantic Charter
15. statement agreed between Britain and the United States of America. It was intended as the blueprint for the postwar world after World War II, and turned out to be the foundation for many of the international agreements that currently shape the world. Drafted 1941 before US entered war. “changing of the guard” from Britain to US as world power. 8 points:
1. No territorial gains were to be sought by the United States or the United Kingdom.
2. Territorial adjustments must be in accord with the wishes of the peoples concerned.
3. All peoples had a right to self determination.
4. Trade barriers were to be lowered.
5. There was to be global economic cooperation and advancement of social welfare.
6. Freedom from want and fear.
7. Freedom of the seas.
8. Disarmament of aggressor nations, postwar common disarmament.
14. Munich Conference
14. 1938: Agreement to appease Hitler by giving him part of Czechloslovakia to prevent war in Europe
Smart Power
13. Smart Power coined by Hillary Clinton and Obama Admin: avoid ‘soft power,’ sounds week. Use all tools including “Engagement” even with enemies, soft power and hard power, military, diplomacy, law to find negotiated solution
Preventive v. Preemptive
12. -Preventive: condom to keep from getting AIDs, even though your partner probably doesn’t have aids -wants to prevent from developing ability to attack : nuanced judgment in the eye of the beholder, predicting the future: Iraq
Preemptive: troops amassed on border type of thing- immediate threat/ imminent danger