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What are rajahs
Princes who ruled over large city-states that were rich in food, jewels and metals
What happened because these city states were so rich?
The wealth attracted invaders
Who invaded India?
First the Persians from Asia and then the Greeks from Europe
How long was India controlled by outsiders
More than 200 years after the death of Buddha
Who was chandrapgupta Maurya
the young emperor who united Indea and formed the Maurya Empire in 320 BC
What kind of ruler was Chandragupta Maury
very harsh - peasants worked as slaves and taked crops
What did Chandragupta fear?
What did Chanragupta do to avoid assassination?
food tasters
slept in a different room each night
What is assassination?
Murder for a political reason?
How did Chandragupta and his son govern the empire?
according to a book called the Arthashastra
What did the Arthashastra say
- rulers should govern with a firm hand and that government is the science of punishment
- war is an acceptable way for rulers to meet hteir goals
What was the outcome of ruling by the Arthashastra?
the Maurya Empire expanded to include what today is western Pakistan and southern India
Who was Ashoka?
Chandragupta's grandson and Maurya emperor in about 273 BC
What is a turning point
A time of important change
Why was the invasion of Kalinga a turning point for Ashoka?
It was so bloody that he turned against violence, became a Buddha, became vegetarian and inspired many of his people to become peaceful