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(noun) Benevolent

He displayed his BENOVELNCE by donating his salary to charity.

- goodwill or the disposition to do good; an act of kindness or charity

ex: donating something
(adjective) Exemplar

His EXEMPLARY behavior was a model for all to follow

- serving as a model, deserving imitation; commendable

ex: picking up litter
(adjective) Exemplar, reputation

Because he was a REPUTABLE dealer, I had confidence in his products

- respectable (good repute = good reputation) (noun)

ex: new york times.. more reputable (quality in reporting)
(noun) Genteel

The aristocracy is expected to behave with GENTILITY

- refinement, politeness, respectability; OR a member of the upper class

ex: queen of england, monarchies (diff from reputable.. anyone be reputalbe)

A genteel person would always exhibit proper DECORUM

- proper or good taste in action, speech, or dress

ex: like people in oscars
(adjective) Punctiliousness

Cutting a diamond requires PUNCTILIOUS effort

-very careful, meticulous, exact

ex: surgeon,
(adjective) candor

If you ask for a CANDID repsonse, be prepared for the result

- honest, gran, outspoken

ex: being honesty or truthful

Because of his VERACITY, he was considered a very trustworthy person

- habitual honesty, truthfulness; OR accuracy or precision

Ex: honesty as in speech

It is not at all FEASIBLE to graduate from BHS without ever attending classes

- practical, possible, or capable of being done

Ex: can't travel to other planets

Family support can provide SOLACE during difficult times

- give comfort to, console, lessen grief

Ex: 9/11, death in family

Winning the lottery would cause you get ELATION

- extremee happiness or joy

Ex: summer, marriage
(noun) (avid)

His AVIDITY eventually turned into an obsession

- eagerness, great enthusiasm, or greed

Ex: reading
(verb) preoccupation

He was PREOCCUPIED by the dramatic events on the news

-to absorb or engross mentally

Ex: TV,
(noun) The MORALE of the workers deteriorated when their salaries were cut

- mental condition or sate of mind

Ex: soldiers in iraq, ( no date to look forward to ) getting an A on a test for students

When walking in a dark alley, you should be very WARY.

- cautious, on guard against danger (way of can mean suspicious of)

Ex: monsters, locking the door for intruder,
(noun) almost always precded by with

Because he knew he would never get caught, he cheated with IMPUNITY

- freedom from punishment, harm or loss

Ex: who behave with IMPUNITY : like robbers, osama bin ladin