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are animals that have fur or hair
fur or hair
are animals that have dry, scaly skin
dry scaly skin
is a very young frog or toad. They have a tail and no legs and live only in the water.
very young frog or toad. have tail and no legs and live only in water
changes animals go through as they grow.
life cycle
changes animal go through as they grow.
what a caterpillar is called when it is changing inside its covering (chrysalis).
what a caterpillar is called when changing inside.
a place where an animal (or plant) lives.
a place where an animal lives
it means that very few animals ( and plants) are living.
means very few animals are living.
it is the way animals depend on other animals and plants for food. (plants use energy from the sun to make food, animals eat the plants for food, and then other animals eat those animals
food chain
way animals depend on other animals and plants for food.
is a color or shape that makes an animal hard to see.
makes an animal hard to see.
what are the the two large groups animals are in?
animals without backbones and with back bones
what so animals without backbones have?
many different sizes , shapes and body parts.
sizes, shapes and body parts
what do insects and other animals with jointed legs have?
different numbers of legs and body parts.
what are the animals that have backbones and spend all or part of their lives in water?
Fish and amphibians
animals with backbones that have dry, scaly skin and reproduce by laying eggs, or giving birth to live young?
what are warm-blooded animals that have backbones and feathers covering their bodies?
What animal with backbones that have hair and feed milk to their young?
What animal gives birth to live young and care for their young?
true or false

Baby animals inheirt certain traits from their parents but can differ in color, kind of hair, and other characteristics.
what are inborn behaviors that animals get from their parents?
True or False

Some behaviors that animals learn are responses to stimuli, hunting, and hiding to keep safe.
Bones that connect down the middle of your back make up your_______
An _____ is the hard outer covering that supports the body of an insect.
A _______, such as petting a dog, is something that causes a behavior.
An inborn behavior, such as spinning a cocoon, is called an ___________.
The way a living thing acts is called a _________________
An animal with dry, scaly skin, such as a lizard, is a ______________________.
A ____________ is a behavior caused by a stimulus.
A ___________ has a backbone, has hair, and feeds milk to its young.
An ____________ lives part of its life in water and part on land.
Fish and amphibians have__________ that help them breathe.
A simple, automatic behavior is called a ____________
To _________ is to shed an outer covering.
What is the major difference between an earthworm and a snake?
one is a reptile and one is not?
what does cold-blooded mean?
animals whose body temperature changes with the temperature of the water or air around them .
What is an instinct?
a behavior that an animal is born with and does not need to learn.
Describe one instinct of a caterpillar ?
caterpillars do not have to learn how to spin a cocoon. It does it by instinct.