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What is an agreement?
It is a correct match between parts of speech in a sentence.
What is alliteration?
It is the repetition of initial sounds.
What is an anapest?
It is a pattern of three syllables with the accent on the third syllable.
What is an antecedent?
It is a noun or noun phrase that is replaced by a pronoun later in the sentence or in a nearby sentence.
What is a ballad?
It is a poem that tells a story, usually in short rhyming verses with frequent repetition of words or lines.
What is a ballad stanza?
It's a stanza that usually consists of:
1. An abab or abcb rhyme scheme.
2. A 4 line stanza, known as a quatrain.
3. Alternating lines of 4 pairs of syllables (called tetrameter), for a total of 8 syllables, and 3 pairs of syllables (called trimeter) for a total of 6 six syllables.
Each pair is accented on the second syllable.
What does compact mean?
It means to pack a lot of ideas into very few words.
What is the connotation of a word?
It is all the associations the readers have with that word.
What is a couplet?
It is two adjacent lines of poetry, usually rhyming.
What is the denotation of a word?
It is the literal meaning of the word in context.
What is a descriptive essay?
It is a piece of nonfiction writing that portrays a person, place, object, or moment in time using vivid details to create a mental picture in the reader's mind.
What is diction?
It is the pattern of word choice and arrangement in a particular piece of writing.
What is an elegy?
It is a form of lyric poetry that involves a meditation on life and death.
What is a figure of speech?
It is a combination of words in which the words communicate more than just their literal meaning.
What is free verse?
It is a type of poetry that differs from structured verse in that it is 'free' of structured rhythm, rhyme, and line lengths.
What is haiku?
It's a traditional Japanese form of verse, and perhaps the shortest form of lyric poetry. It has three lines, each having 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively.
What is an iamb?
It is a two syllable pair with the accent on the second syllable.
What is iambic pentameter?
It is a ten syllable line of poetry consisting of five pairs of syllables known as iambs.
What is imagery?
It is a series of images.
What is an indefinite pronoun?
It is a pronoun that does not refer to a specific person or group of people.
What is lyric poetry?
It is short, personal, and deeply emotional poetry that covers the big ideas like love, death, and beauty.
What is a limerick?
It is a type of verse (often 'nonsense' verse) with, usually, a five line stanza, the rhyme scheme 'aabba', and a specific rhythmic pattern.
What is a metaphor?
It is a figure of speech that says that one object is exactly the same as another.
What is meter?
It is the fixed pattern of accented and unaccented syllables in a line of poetry that produces its rhythm.
What is a motif?
It is a represented theme or idea.
What is a narrative?
It is a story.
What is a narrative poem?
It is a poem that tells a story and has a beginning, middle, end, and some kind of conflict.
What is an ode?
It is a serious, intricate, and highly emotion poem of high praise.
What is personification?
It is attaching human qualities to abstractions or objects in writing.
What is a pronoun?
It is a part of speech that takes the place of a nearby noun or noun phrase.
What is a quatrain?
It is a four line stanza.
What is a refrain?
It is a repeated section in a poem or song.
What is a rhyme?
It is a similarity in sound.
What is a rhyme scheme?
It is a repeating pattern of rhyme.
What is rhythm?
It is a repeating pattern of syllables and accents.
What is a simile?
It is a figure of speech that compares two different things, usually in a phrase containing the word 'like', 'as', or 'than'.
What is a sonnet?
It is a short, personal, and deeply emotional form of lyric poetry that has fourteen lines.
What is a stanza?
It is a section or division of a poem.
What is structure?
It is a repeating pattern of elements such as stanza length, rhyme, or repetition.
What is structured poetry?
It is poetry containing repeating patterns of elements such as stanza length, rhyme, or repetition.
What is tetrameter?
It is four pairs of two syllables with the accent on the second syllable.
What is trimeter?
It is three pairs of two syllables with the accent on the second syllable.
What is a villanelle?
It is a nineteen line poem, with a complex structure of five triplets (three line stanzas) and an ending quatrain. The 1st and 3rd lines of the 1st triplet are repeated in a particular pattern.
What is a volta?
It is a shift in the subject matter or tone of the first twelve lines of an English sonnet.