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African American to serve as Ambassador to the UN
Andrew Young
Author of COntract With America
Newt Gingrich
North Carolina Senator who chaired committee on watergate
Sam Ervin
African American who ran for Dem. Pres. Nom in '84
Jesse Jackson
He tried to whip Inflation Now
Gerald Ford
Dem Candidate for president in 1972
Gerorge McGovern
Head of Al Queda
Osama bin laden
Commander of US Forces in Desert Storm
H.N. Schwarzkopf
Architect of Nixon's foreign policy
Henry Kissinger
1st woman justice of the Supreme court
Sandra Day O' Connor
Special Prosecutor of the Watergate investigation
Archibald Cox
Regain's secretary of the Interior
James Watts
Vice President who resigned office in disgrace
Spiro Agnew
Presiding judge of watergate investigation
John Sirica
African American poetess, actress, singer, scholar, and activist
Maya Angelou
Gerorge BushI's surgeon general
Antonio Novello
Af-american author of Roots
Alex Haley
Sen. on Ervin Comission who asked what the president knew
Howard Baker
G.W. Bush's secretary of Homeland security
Tom Ridge
Founder of Micorsoft
Bill Gates
1st woman on major party's presidnetal ticket
Geraldine Ferraro
He sued UC davis over affirmative action policies
Alan Bakke
Iaraqi Dictator
Saddam Hussein
Watergate burglar
James McCord
Chariman of Federal REserve Board 1992-2006
Alan Greenspan
Author of Silent Spring
Rachel Carson
African American whose case caused riots in 1992
Rodney King
Conservative founder of the National Review
William F. Buckeley
Reagan's National Security Advisor
Colin Powell
House Judiciary Comm, member who condiered Nixon impeachment
Barbara Jordan