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Richard M. Nixon*
President after johnson; steered country in conservative direction; new federalism plan
Henry Kissiner*
Nixon's advisor on foreign affairs
Paul Szep*
Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist who frequently used Nixon as the subject of his cartoons
revenue sharing
sate and local gov could spend federal money however they saw fit
state and fiscal assassistance act(1972)
bill that involved revenue sharing
Family Assistance Plan(FAP)
bill advocated by Nixon that replaced welfare, did not pass
Nixon increased
social security, Medicare/aid, food stamps
Nizon abolished
social programs like job corps and office of economic opp
to withhold necessary funds for programs
Spiro T. Agnew*
Vice president during Nixon
Southern Strategy
Nixon's stragety to win southern votes via desegregation
George Wallace*
former Alabama governor who ran against Nixon in the election of 1968
26th Amendment
extended voting rights to those 18 and older
Warren Burger
Apointee to us court of appeals
salt 1 treaty
limited number of intercontiental balllistic missiles
Barbara Jordan
US representative of Texas; member of the House Judiciary Committee
Author Schlesinger Jr
author of the Imperial Presidency
HR Haldeman
White House Chief of Staff
John Ehrlichman
Chief Domestic advisor
John Mitchell
Nixon's former attorney general
John Dean III
Nixon's presidental counsel
Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward
Washington Post reporters who uncovered watergate scandal
James Mc cord
former cia agent caught in watergate, security coordinator for committee to reelect
George McGoven
Liberal democratic candidate in election of 1972
John Sirca
Persiding judge for trial at the watergate buglary
Gerald Warren
Nixon's depuity press secretary
John Dean
White house council dismissed by Nixon
Elliot Richardson
new attorney general
Senator Samuel James Ervin
Chair of Senate Committee in watergate investigation
Alexander Butterfield
Nixon's aide who admitted that Nixon had taped his convos
John Dean
testified that nixon was involved in watergate
Saturday Night Massacare
Nixon ordered Attorney general Richardson to fire COx but Richardson refuesd
Solicitor General Robert Burb
finally fired Cox
Leon Jaworski
Cox's replacement
Archibald Cox
Special prosecutor apporinted by Elliot Richardson
Spiro Agnew
Nixon' svp who resigned after it was revaled that he had accepted bribes
Rose mary Woods
Nixon's secretary
Alex Haley
author of ROots
Whip Inflation Now
FOrd's program to cut back on oil and gas and take energy saving measures
Henry Kissinger
Nixon and Ford's secretary of state, great foreign policies
Helsinki Accords(Finland)
series of agreements that promised greater cooperation between the nations of Eastern and Western Europe. Ford's greatest achievement
Cambodia ship siezed US Mayaguez and held 39 crew members hostage. FOrd sent troops and lost 41 troops.
1976 Republican nomination
Regan vs Ford, Ford won republican renomination
Jimmy Carter
confronted energy crisis, National energy act
National Energy Act
placed tax on gas guzzling cars, removed price controls on oil, and natural gas produced in the US, expanded tax credits for Department of National energy
1980 inflation
highest inflation rate since 1947, brought down carters popularity
Carter and Civil Rights
Carter's administration included many african americans
Andrew Young
First Africna American to be US Ambassador to the UN
Regents of Cali vs Bakke
allowed race to be used as factor in admissions but not the only factor
Carter and Human RIghts
Carter rejected realpolitik and embraced human rights; cut off relations with Argentina and Brazil and established Bureau of Human Rights
Panama Canal
1977 Carter announced pans to give up canal, turned over to Panama 1999
Salt II
Limited number of stragetic weapons and nuclear missile launches Soviets and US could produce; died out when societs invaded Afganistan
Soviet Afgan War
rebel group wanted to overthrow pro-Soviet gov, soviet sent troops but eventually had to pull out
Anwar el-Sadat
Egyptian president
Menachem Begin
Isreli Prime minister
Camp David Accords
Egypt and Isarel make peace with each other. go Carter!
Iran Hostile Crisis
Revolution in Iraq in 1979 to overthrow US supported Shah gov; Carter a;;owed Shah to enter us for cancer treatment; rebels were mad and took 52 Americans hostage; not released until 444 days later few days after Regan presidency
Ayatillah Ruhollah Khomenini
Leader of Iran rebels to overthrouw shah; Mislim religious leader
Lois Gibbs
discovered toxic waste in Love Canal
Rachel Carson
wirote silent spring
Clean Air Act of 1970
Gave gov authority to set air standards
Earth Day
April 22, 1970
Enviromental Protection Agency
Established by Nixon in 1970
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
turned millions of acres of land to state native tribes in Alaska
THree Mile Island
nuclear power plant in Penn went kabang What a cacaophony! and area was contaminated with nuclear radiation
Neclear Reglatory Comission
moniters nuclear power industry
Patty Noonan
Regan's speechwriter, very conservative
New RIght
groups promoted single issues that reflected their interests
entitlement programs
programs that provided guraranteed benefits on particular groups
affirmative action
policy that required gov institutions to gove special consideration to women and minority groups
conservative coalition
alliance of cf fundamentalist Christian groups
William F. Buckley
Founded National Review Newspaper; he was very conservative
Goals of Conservative movement
-shrink size of fed gov
-reduce spending
-promote values and patrotic ideas
-stimulating business by lowering regulation and taxes
-strenghten national defense
Jarry Falwell
Pat Rovertson
Moral Majority
organization of very fundamental Christians which was founded by Jarry Falwell and Pat RObertson
Jimmy Stagler Baker
1980 election
Regan and Bush won against Carter and Walter Mondale
Regan's key issues
abortion, porn, teaching evolution and prayer, tax cuts, budget cuts, reganomics
tax cuts, budget cuts, increased defense spending
George GIlder and Author Laffer
supplyside economics
low taxes, people will invest in banks, increase productivity
Stregetic Defense Initiatice(SDI)
America defense system, very pricy
July 1981-Nov 1982f
Sandra Day O' Connor
1st woman supreme court justice, appointed by regian
Antonin Scalia, Anthony M. Kennedy
nominated by regian to supreme court
William Rehnquist
most conservatce supreme court chief justics
David H. Scuter
Replaced William Brennan
Clarence Thomas
Replaced Thurgood Marshall
Anita Hill
law professor who claimed that Thomas sexually harassed her
the cutting down of federal regulation on industry; increaed competion; lower prices for consumers
Regan and deregulation
removed price controls on oil, eliminated fed health and safety regulations for hospitals, airline industry, savings and loans industries
james Watt
Regian's secretary of the interior; very corrupt enviromentally; sold fedral land to private businesses cheaply and encouraged timber cutting
March 31, 1981 Assassination attempy
Regan shot a by mentally unbalanced man
John Hinckley
Mentally unbalanced man who shot Regian
Walter Mondale
VP under Carter; won demo nomination 1984, but lost badly in election
Geralind Ferrano
mondale's running mate, 1st woman on major prez ticket
1988 Presidental election
Michale Dukakis vs Bush
Michael Dukakis
Democrat gov of New Jersey, ran against Bush
ROe vz Wade
1st trimester pregnancies were protected under right to privacy
Webster v. Reproductive Health Care
states have powere to impose regulations on abortion
A Nation at RIsk
book that revealed US poor quality of education
Elizabeth Dole
Secretary of Transportation
Margaret Heckler
Secretary of health and human services
American 2000
Bush encouraged parents to use public funds to send their kids to private, public or religious schools
pay equity
jobs rated on amount of education instead of race or gender
L. Douglas Wilder
Nation's 1st African American governor; gov of Virginia
Rev. Jessie Jackson
ran for Demo nomination 1984 and 1988
Richmond v. JA Croson Company
Court limited scope of affirmative action policies
Sylvester Monroe
African American correspondent for newsweek
Toney Anaya
Hispanic governor of New York
Robert Martinez
Hispanic gov of Florida
Lauro Cavazos
Hispanic secretary of education
Dr. Antonia Coello Novello
Hispanic surgeon general
Daniel Villanueva
television executive
The Billingual Education act (1968-1975)
allowed spanish speakers to atttend school and jobs in own language
the south
north central and northeast regions
colin powell
National Security advisor
Mikhail Gorbachev
General Security of teh Communist Party in the Soviet Union; prez
allowed open critism of societ government
Boland Amendment
cut aid to contras for 2 years
reconstricting Societ society
INF Treaty(Imtermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty)
Alloed nulcaer inspection; eliminated two classes of wapons sysyems in Europe
Commonwealth of Independent States
broken down soviet union
START II(1993)
Cut us and soviet nuclear arsenals by two thirds
Li Ping
Chinese primer who ordered tiananmen Swquare massacare
Anastasio Somaza
US supported dictator in Nicaragua
rebels in Nicaragus, us supported them later to overthrow somaza
Daniel Ortega
Nicaraguan prez
Violeta de Chamorro
conta elected prez of Nicaragua
us supported overthrow of pro-cuban gov
Bush sent troops to overthrow General maunel Antonio Norrega on charges of drug traffiicing
Iran Contra Scandal
Iran took Americans hostage in lebannon;; Regan sold arms to Iran for their return; money went to support contras which cilated boland ammendment
Lieut Colonel Oliver North
National Security Council Staff who played key role in providing aid to contras
Laurence E. Walsh
Special Prosecutor in contra scandal
Persian Gulf War
Iraq invaded Kuwait land and headed towards Saudi Arabia(where lots of oil) US did not want oil to be controlled by iraq so we attacked Iraq
James Baker
Secretary of State under Bush
Operation Desest Storm
Bush attacjed to free kuwait from iraqui conrol
H. Norman Schwarzkopf
commmander in chief of forces in Asia and Africa; perisian gulf war; stormin norman
faced rising deficits and recession, ended 12 years of rebuc leadership when ciinton was elected