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Ohio Gang
advisors under Harding involved lots of scandals
18th amendment
boston police strike
better pay and working conditions
UMW strike
no raise during war now war over so wanted raise unions associated with communism
red scare
early 20s afraid of anything un-american communists diff people
Palmer Raids
arrest and deport people suspected of being communists
elections 1920
Harding back to normalcy
teapot dome scandal
sec of treasury took gvt money for himself and got away with it
harding death
pneumonia closed casket no autopsy suicide?
calvin collidge
pres good times everything went right
herbet hoover
laisser-faire self made man rugged
al smith
dem nom 1928 openly favored getting rid of prohibition
buying on margin
dont pay full price of stock works if price of stock goes up
great bull market
stock market 23-29 prices up and up
laisser-faire capitalism
GVT AND BUSINESS should never interfere
hawley-smoot tariff
tariff rate highest ever to sell us goods everywhere everyone else raises their tariffs kills international trade
federal farm board
hoover gave farmers money to feed animals but not the farmers
reconstruction finance corporation
hoover money to large financial institutions keep them going helps everyone
home laon bank
allowed people to refinance
bonus army
us veterans wanted bonus now not in 40s moved into fed building pres had army removed them
election 1932
hoover vs FDR bottom of depression
bank holiday
FDR closed banks to make sure they were solid then reopened put faith back in banks
20th amendment
lame-duck moved inauguration to jan
21st amendment
repealled prohibition
hundred days
1st 100 days of office for FDR lots of bills and laws passed
gen douglas macarthur
lead raids on bonus army
brian trust
advisors to FDR gave him solutions and help
fireside chats
FDRs talks on radio soothing voice
fed emergency relief administration money to cities for soup kitchens shelters
civil works Adm=made up jobs to give people money ex dig a hole then fill it
civilian conservation corp= big success 18-25 males get them out of city good jobs
national youth ad= give kids jobs keep them in school
home owners bank corp=refinance homes
fed housing ad=get lower morgages
sec exchange commision= look after stock market
tenn valley authority= build damns, electricity
national recovery ad= codes for people unconstitutional
public works act=large scale projets bridges dams
agriculture adjustment act=codes for farmers-unconstitutional
liberty league
critic of FDR said he went to far
Huey long
critic-give everyone $
Rev Charles Coughlin
roman catholic-liked hitler radio program
dr francis townsend
gvt pay retirement pension
works progess ad= very long projects golden gate bridge
social security
help ppl who had lost jobs-temporary
national labor relations board-management and union relationships
alf landon
vs FRD in 36 election got crushed
packing the supreme court
FDR change supreme court-put certain people on it
schechter vs. US
sick chicken NRA unconstitutional interstae vs intrastate
jones and laughlin steel vs NLBR
FRD won gvt can intervine
US vs butler
AAA unconstitutiona;
fair labor standards act
minimun wages
washington naval conference & 5 power pact
5 power pact came out of it 5:5:3 ratio of ships
kellogg-briand pact
outlaw war-illegal 62 countries signed
foreign policy for 20s and 30s
benito mussolini
dictator of italy 1st facisit
adolf hitler
dictator of germany hated democracy
general tojo
japans fascist leader
good neighbor policy
latin america tried to be nicer
Panay incident
japan attacks US gunboat in china we say give us $2 mil & apologize then its ok
francisco franco
fascist won spanish civil war
ludlow amendment
38 make war power into hand of people-vote for war
part of germany 36 started to build up arms
germany took back from czech no one tried to stop them
make hitler happy aviod war gie him what he wants
neville chamberlain
prime minister of britian who makes peace with germany
non-agression pact
germany and soviet union freaked ppl out split poland
neutrality acts
35-36 wont get involved in foreign affairs wont sell to countries involved in war
invasion of poland
sept 1 39 beginning of WW2
spanish civil war
36-39 prelude to WW2
lightning warfare-germany
munich conference
hitler gets sudetenland-part of appeasement
unit 8
unit 10