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Chicago mayor who fought protesters in '68
Richard Daley
American commander of US troops in South Vietnam
Minnesota Senator who challenged HHH for nomination
Eugene McCarthy
1st African American Justice of the Supreme Court
Thurgood Marshall
Arkansas governor who used the National guard to aid segregation
Orval Faubus
American Indian Party candidate for Presidnet in 1968
Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Cuban Dictator
Fidel Castro
He assassinated JF Kennedy
Lee Harvey Oswald
Amfican American prize winning author
Alice Walker
She refused to go to the back of the bus
Rosa Parks
JFK's secretary of defense
Robert McNamara
He lead the My Lai Massacre
William Calley Jr.
African American allowed by courts to enroll in teh U of Miss
James Meredith
Nixon's top negotiator in Vietnam
Henry Kissinger
He assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
James Earl Ray
Leader of the Free Speech Movement
Mario Savio
First American to orbit the earth
John Glenn
Leader of the pop artists
Andy Warhol
Senator who questioned LBJ's war policies
J. William Fulbright
Governor of Texas shot with JFK in Dallas
John Connally
LBJ Defense Secretary who found Vietnam unsinkable
Clark Clifford
LBJ's secretary of defense and an architect of the Vietnam war
Robert McNamara
First human in outer space
Yuri Gagarin
Tun in said this counterculture philospher
Timothey Leary
African American leader who asked followers to take charge
Malcolm X
Republican candidate for president in 1964
Barry Goldwater
He organized farm workers
Cesar Chavez
Attorney General under JFK
Robert Kennedy
Leader of the pop artists
Andy Warhol
NAACP field secretary whose assassination led African Amercans to demand freedom now
Medger Evers