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animal, alis, ium
animal, istem, NEUT
Athenae, arum
Athens, Fem. (plural)
aurora, ae
dawn, fem
careo, ere, ui, itus
lack, be without, MACRON!! (2nd declen)
corpus, corporis,
body N.
dico, dicere, dixi, dictus
say, tell, speak
for a long time
domus, i
house, home, F.
exemplar, aris, ium,
example, model, copy N. i-stem
exemplum, i
example n.
frater, fratris
brother, M.
homo, hominis
human being, man M.
ignis, ignis, ium
fire M.
Italia, ae
Italy F.
Iuno, Iuonis
Juno F.
Iuppiter, Iovis
Juppiter M.
libero, liberare, liberavi, liberatus
lumen, luminis
light N.
mare, maris, ium
sea N. istem
mater, matris
mother F.
mens, mentis, ium
mind, disposition, intellect F. istem
miles, militis
soldier M.
moenia, moenium
(city) walls (plural only) N.
mons, montis, ium
mountain M. istem
non solum...sed etiam
not only...but also
nox, noctis, ium F.
oppugno, oppugnare, oppugnavi, oppugnatus
attack, fight against
pater, patris,
father M.
rego, regere, rexi, rectus
to rule
rex, regis
king M.
Roma, ae
Rome F.
rumor, oris
rumor, gossip, M.
rus, ruris
country (as opposed to city) N.
sanus, a, um
sound healthy sane
scio, scire, scivi, scitus
servitus, servitutis
slavery F.
sidus, sideris
star, constellation; heaven N.
soror, sororis
sister F.
spargo, spargere, sparsi, sparsus
scatter, sprinkle, distribute
timor, timoris
fear, dread M.
urbs, urbis, ium
city F.
vis; vires, virium
force, power; strength (pl.) F.
What are the present infinitives of opto, and duco?
optare, ducere
What are the present passive infinitives of opto and duco?
optari, duci
How do you translate "optari" and "duci" ?
optari- to be desired
duci- to be led
What is different about third conjugation present passive infinitive verbs?
the entire ere is replaced with an "i"
e.g. ducere, becomes "duci"
What is the perfect active infinitive of the verbs: opto, and sentio?
optavisse, and sensisse
How do you translate "optavisse" and "implevisse"?
optavisse- to have desired
implevisse- to have filled

*note* perfect verbs are perfect b/c they have been completed i.e. in the past !
What is the perfect passive infinitive form of the verbs: "duco" and "impleo"
ductus, a, um esse
impletus, a, um esse
How do you translate sensus, a, um esse?
to have been felt
What is the future active infinitive of the verbs: "opto" and " incipio"?
opto- optaturus, a ,um esse
incipio- incepturus, a, um esse
how do you translate "incepturus esse" and "ducturus esse?"
incepturus esse- to be going to begin
ducturus esse- to be going to lead
What are the 2 passive periphrastic infinitives of "duco"?
ducendus esse
ducendus fuisse
how do you translate ducendus esse?
to have to be led
how do you translate optandus fuisse?
to have had to be desired
vigor, oris
liveliness, activity, vigour M.