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n a short account of an incidet in someones life
an' ec dote
syn tale story sketch vignette yarn
v to combine, unite make solid or firm
con sol' i date
syn strengthen firmup merge
ant scatter disperse dissipate seperate
n an imitation designed to deceive adj not genuine fak v to make an illegal copy
count' ter feit
syn adj false phony bogus
ant genuine real authentic
adj easily taought led or managed obedient doc' ile
syn manageable teachable pliant
ant unruly, wayward, intractable, disobedient
v to rule over by strength or power control to tower over command due to height
dom' in ate
syn control govern overlook
v to beg implore ask earnestly en treat'
syn plead beseech
ant clamor for
adj capable of being wrong mistaken or inaacurate
fall' ible
syn imperfect, errant
ant foolproof, unfailing flawless
adj liable to change very rapidly erratic marked by a lack of constancy or steadiness; inconsistant
fick' le
syn capricious inconstant faithless
ant constant steady invariable
n one who flees or runs away
adj fleeting lasting a very short time wandering difficult to grasp
fu' gi tive
syn runaway deserter adj elusive
ant adj lasting enduring permsnent
adj very dirty covered with dirt or soot gr' imy
syn filthy sooty soiled dirt encrustedant
ant spotless spick and span immaculate
n a very small part or quantity i o' ta
syn speck dab jot bit smidgen
ant flood deluge avalanche glut
v to beat or knock about handle roughly to mangle n a heavy hammer
syn v to rough up, manhandle batter
adj possible able 2 happen n something that can develop or become reality
po ten' tial
syn possibility capability
ant actual real unlikely impossible
adj shining bright to give forth light or energy
ra' di ant
syn glowing brilliant dazzling reslpendant
ant dull tarnished lasckluster
adj relating to farm areas and life in the country
rur' al
syn countrified rustic
ant urban metropolitn citified
adj large important major significant prosperous not imaginary material
sub stan' tial
syn considerable tangible big
ant minor insignificant negligible
adj skilled in handling difficult situations or people polite tact' ful
syn skillful diplomatic discreet
ant clusy gauche boorish indiscreet
v to interfere with to meddle rashly or foolishly with to handle in a secret and improper way tam' per
syn monkey with fool with mess with
adj last final most important extreme eventul basic fundamental ul' ti mate
syn farthest furthest terminal
ant first initial most immediate nearest
n doubt the state of being unsure un cer' tan ty
syn doubtfullness unsureness hesitation
ant sureness certainty confidence