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Why is Aral Sea drying up?
irrigation in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are draining the lake
Why was the 1812 Overture composed?
to celebrate russia's victory over Napoleon
What is Russia's only ice-free Baltic port?
Identify the Kievan Rus.
an early russian civilization that arose near Kiev, Ukraine
Who was Mikhail Gorbachev?
Russian leader who introduced Glasnost(openess) to the Soviet Union; this lead to the ending of communist russia
List a characteristic of a free market economy.
People not the government own and run businesses
What is the type of economy in the US? in Soviet Union? in modern Russia?
a.mixed or free market
b. command economy
c. free market
Identify Tian Shan.
A major mountain range that makes up most of Kyrgyzstan
Identify Peter the Great.
founded st.petersburg in 1703; pme opf the greatest czars of russia
Azerbaijan is split in two by........?
the country of Armenia
The world's largest inland body of water is....?
the Caspian Sea
Define democracy.
a form of government in which people freely elect their leaders.
What religious denomination is the Russian Orthodox Church?
What are the 2 major types of vegetation in Siberia?
Taiga and tundra
Who were the ancestors of the Kazakhs?
Why was the Russian capital moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow?
Because of a fear of invasion
Define entrepreneur.
In a free market economy, one who takes on the risk of beginning a business or investing in a business
List the countries that were once part of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. (15)
Turkmenistan; Kazakhstan; Latvia; Armenia; Lithuania; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Moldova; Russia; Tajikistan; Georgia;Ukraine; Uzbekistan; Estonia;
List a likely consequence of open communication bwtween the US and communist states.
1. increased spread of democratic ideas
How have the Russian people adapted to the Arctic environment?
1. building homes from ice and sod
2. raising cattle and horses on grasslands
3. hunting whales and seals as a food source
People living in Siberia have adapted to the climate by......
1. building with mud
last czar of Russia
Nicholas II
Czar-Liberator of Russia
Alexander II
longest river in Europe
Volga River
Ivan the Terrible
Ivan IV
dividing line between Europe and Asia
Ural Mountains
Who wanted to make Russia modern and more like Europe?
Peter the Great
lands lying on two continents, Europe and Asia
drove the Mongols out of Muscovy
Ivan III
desert that makes up most of Turkmenistan
Russian leader who loosened government controls over the economy
Mikhail Gorbachev
port that is separated from the rest of Russia
Russian leader sho set up the first communist state
Vladimir Lenin
this Russian city is built on a group of more than 100 islands
St. Petersburg
majority culture in Russia
this russian leader forced communist governments on Russia's neighboring countries
Joseph Stalin
Russia's political and economic center as well as its largest city
Who was the first democratically elected president of Russia?
Boris Yeltsin