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A patient with a urinary tract infection (UTI) would most likely experience
A surgical intervention that might cause a wound to heal by third intention might be
duodenal ulcer
Which nursing intervention is important for a patient who has just undergone a supratentorial craniotomy
maintain the patient in Fowler's position with a pillow under the shoulders
A patient with gout who is taking Colbenemid (probenecid and colchicine) should be instructed to
maintain an acid/ash diet
A sudden gush of serosanginous drainage from an abdominal incision on 3rd day post op would most likely be caused by
wound dehiscence
The purpose of administering miotics to a patients with glaucoma is to
increase outflow of aqueous humor (miotics cause the pupil to constrict)
Zoster immune globulin is used to stimulate an immunity to
The most common drug used to treat streptococcal pharngitis
Pen Vee K (penicillin)
The most common symptom of compartment syndrome is
intractable extreme pain (compartment syndrome is when muscle pressure builds and nourishment cannot reach it)
A slow insidious, progressive hearing loss is usually caused by
The best way to help a patient with multiple sclerosis relieve muscle spasms is to
encourage the patient to take hot baths
A patient who scores a 6 on the Glasgow Coma Scale would be expected to
extend arm to painful stimulus
A patient with an injury at the level of C7 would be expected to
maintain control of his head and neck
A teenage girl who has been taught self-catheterization to achieve continence. A positive sign that the goal has been achieved would be
she has experienced no dribbling between catheterizations
An abdominal wound is healing by secondary intention. Which of the following is an abnormal finding
the wound is black around the edges
Which finding would be most indicative of cholelithiasis in a patient with gall bladder disease?
gall stones seen in the common bile duct on ultrasound
As you prepare your patient who is about to undergo nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, you should tell her
the patient will lie on a flat platform which moves through a tube containing a magnet
Which statement indicates that your patient with gout needs more teaching
"I apply ice to my joints every day."
The physician has just completed a spinal tap on a patient to confirm a diagnosis. What would be the best indication that the patient has meningitis?
increased white cell count
Which worker is most at risk for contracting hepatitis C?
Which sexually transmitted disease can be diagnosed by blood test?
What would be the best way to promote rest in a very young child with meningitis?
decrease environmental stimuli
Which medication should you have readily available for a patient with increased ICP?
The statement that is evidence that the father of a child with viral rhinitis needs more teaching would be
"I will ask the doctor for antibiotics for my daughter."
The best way for debridement of a wound during a dressing change is to
take dressing off while it is dry
The hospitalized patient most likely to develop respiratory complications would be
76 year old woman following an open cholecystectomy
The lab test most indicative of active tuberculosis is
sputum culture
The most significant finding when assessing a patient with increasing ICP would be
decreased pulse, increased systolic blood pressure
A finding showing evidence that range of motion exercises have been effective in a patient with a traumatic above the knee amputation would be?
no contractures of hip joint
Your patient teaching has been effective when your patient with tuberculosis states
"I will need to take this medication at least 6 months or more."
The statement that is the best evidence that your discharge instructions to the family of a person with AIDS has been effective would be
"I will use sodium hypochlorite to clean up blood and body fluid spills."
Your patient has epiglottis, secondary to severe influenza. Which would be most important to keep at her bedside at all times?
tracheotomy tray
Your patient has symptoms of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The most important question to ask taking the nursing history would be
"Have you been walking in the woods lately?"
A three year old is admitted to the unit with a spiral fracture of the left arm, bruises to the face and is very apprehensive around all health care workers. The most appropriate preliminary nursing diagnosis would be
suspected child abuse related to multiple injuries
A patient with candidiasis has been ordered to use Monostat vaginal suppository cream twice a day. It is most important to instruct her to
insert the medication while lying flat
The proper first aid treatment for a patient having a seizure would be to
turn him to a lateral position
As you are caring for your patient who has just had a total hip replacement, you notice that one leg is shorter than the other. You should
notify the doctor immediately
The purpose of administering anticholinergic medications prior to surgery is to
diminish secretion of saliva and gastric juices
The "extrapyramidal syndrome" commonly seen in patient's with Parkinson's disease is most likely caused by
degeneration of various parts of the basal ganglia
The most important initial nursing diagnosis for a patient who has suffered extensive second degree burns would be
maintain adequate ventilation
Mr. Miller's wife has just suffered an extensive CVA. The best nursing intervention to help him deal with his wife's condition would be
assist him to mobilize his support group
Your patient who suffered second and third degree burns three days ago has begun to have black stools. The most likely explanation for this is
the patient has developed a Curling's ulcer (An ulcer of the duodenum in a patient with extensive superficial burns or severe bodily injury)
The abnormality you would most likely see in a burn patient during the hypovolemic phase is
Immediate care of a full-thickness skin graft site in a patient with burns would be to
keep the site covered with a bulky occlusive dressing
Immediately following cataract surgery the patient should be instructed to do the following three things
remain on complete bedrest, not to lay on his stomach and avoid coughing and sneezing
Following an open cholecystectomy, which finding would be most important to report to the physician?
leaking around the tube
When caring for a patient with a Jackson-Pratt apparatus, you know you should
squeeze and expel air before recapping (Jackson-Pratt apparatus allows drainage into a self-contained suction apparatus or receptacle. Drainage collected in the receptacle can be easily measured and evaluated)
The intervention that would most likely decrease the discomfort of Meniere's disease would be
administer of diphenhydramine (Benedryl) (Ménière’s disease, also called idiopathicendolymphatic hydrops, is a disorder of the inner ear)
The most important nursing diagnosis during the immediate post operative period after an ileostomy has been formed would be
body image disturbance
The symptoms of myasthenia gravis are most related to
inadequate acetylcholine release (myasthenia gravis is a chronic disorder characterized by weakness and rapid fatigue in muscles, which results from a breakdown in communication between nerves and muscles)