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Functional Business Analyst
Delivery Group is like...
a "mini ship complete"; can combine multiple line items within an order into del groups
Del Group Rules
Cannot drop-ship CTAS & CTAN items in same del group; either all CTAS or all CTAN
Ship Complete Rules
If not poss to procure entire order from one vndr, then all must come from CTAN
T/F? Ship complete IS the same as Deliver and Arrive Complete
FALSE. Most orders go out in multiple boxes; poss on more than one truck.
CTAS shipping to multiple locations rule?
CTAS will only ship to one loc, as listed on first item. Mult ship destinations must be on their own CTAS order
CTAN shipping to multiple locations rule?
CTAN orders can be shipped to multiple locations within the same order.
Freight Calculations... how are they done?
Freight is calculated based on distance FROM CHICAGO.
HOLDS are in place in order to accomplish what?
Minimize risk to Insight and ensure we can meet client expectations.
When can HOLDS happen?
When margin <2% for single item.
When margin <3% for "floor"
PCTH hold...
Percentage hold
Holds can be viewed where?
Adv Header Tab; INFOZONE has doc that lists all hold codes and essential info
T/F- Managers can release any kind of hold
F- Managers can only release certain holds.
TEXTS- order texts can be added at which levels?
Header level or Line Item Level
To create a delivery group within an order in RepUI..
enter same number in Group column for each line item to be included in the del grou...e.g. 001