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Omnidirectional antennas radiate and receive equally well in what directions?
all directions.
An Antenna's length is compared to the physical length of what?
Of the radio wave it is utilized for.
What is the most common radio wave?
A half wave antenna is most common.
What are the two other names for half wave antennas.
dipole and hertz.
What two ways are antennas polarized?
Antennas are polarized horizontically and vertically.
What does an antenna's reciprocity mean?
Its an antennas ability to both transmit and receive.
How can you double an antenna's use?
with the appropriate couplers.
What is feed point?
It is the point on an antenna where the RF cable is attached.
What are two types of Feed Points?
They are end-fed or single-fed.
What do bidirectional antennas do?
They radiate and receive efficiently in two directions only.
What do Unidirectional antennas do?
They radiate and receive in only one direction. Example is a satallite disk.
What does a Wire Rope Antenna look like?
One or more lengths of flexible wire rigged to the ship's structure.
Where are wire ropes insulated from?
They are insulated from grounding. If the elements are allowed contact with the hull, all energy is lost.
Wire rope fans are used in what frequency coverage?
Medium and high.
What ways are wire rope fan antenna's polarized?
vertically or horizontally.
What is the color code for transmit mounting hardware?
The color is Red.
What is the color code for receive mounting hardware?
The color is blue.
What way are receive antenna's normally strung?
They are normally strung vertically.
Receive antennas are located how far from transmit antennas in order to minimize interference.
They are located as far as possible from transmit antenna's.
Wire rope fans are normally what?
Normally omnidirectional.
What are the usual lengths for Whip antenna's?
25, 28, and 35.
What is the most common length for whip antenna's?
35 feet.
Where is a Whip antenna mounted to?
It is mounted to a deck or a bracket on the superstructure.
What type of directional is a whip antenna?
It is omnidirectional.
A whip antenna is self supporting and may be what?
Tilted down to the horizontal position.
The base of a Whip antenna ha some sort of what?
Has some sort of insulator.
What is the most common cage antenna?
The most common cage antenna is a conical monopole antenna.
What direction is a cage antenna polarized?
It is polarized vertically.
What type of directional is a cage antenna?
It is omnidirectional.
A cage antenna has a ______ support with several elements surrounding the support.
What are normally used for satallite communications systems?
Dishes are normally used.
Dishes use what three types of bands?
UHF, SHF and EHF bands.
Dishes are what type of directional?
Dishes are Unidirectional.
What is required when using dishes?
Aiming and tracking systems.
What is a lightweight, broadband, vertically polarized, omnidirectional, twin fan antenna?
The OE-367(v)3/SRC
What provides a transmit capability of 2 to 6 mhz and a receive capability of .01 to 17 MHZ.
On the OE-367(v)3/SRC antenna what are the Turnbuckles used to tension?
They are used to tension the antenna.
What antenna is the most maintenance intensive?
The OE-367(v)3/SRC.
In the OE_367(v)3/SRC antenna the feed lines connect where?
To a matching network?
The OE-416/SRC is what type of antenna?
Receiving only.
What does the OE-416/SRC look like?
It is a 14 ft. twin whip antenna.
What has two AS-3771A/U antennas?
What is the OE-416/SRC receiving ability?
It is 2 to 30 MHZ.
What type of insulator does the OE-416/SRC have?
It has a porcelain bowl insulator.
Where is the RF signal cabled to on the OE-416/SRC?
It is cabled to the AN/SRA-49A receive coupler group.
What does the AS-3772/U antenna look like and what type of antenna is it?
It is a 35-ft single whip transmit antenna.
What direction is the AS-3772 polarized?
It is polarized vertically.
What is the frequency range for the AS-3772/U?
2 to 30 MHZ.
What type of directional is the AS-3772/U?
What does the OE-214BU look like and what transmit capability does it have?
It is 35-ft, twin whip antenna group(Two AS-3772'S) and has a transmit capability of 4 to 12 MHZ.
What type of directional is the OE-214B/U and what type of polarization is it?
It is omnidiretional and vertically polarized.
What does an AS-390A/SRC look like and what is its polarization?
It is a stub antenna consisting of a radiator and a ground plane and it is vertically polarized.
What type of wave does the AS-390A/SRC have and what is its transmit capability?
It is a quarter-wave antenna and has a transmit/receive frequency range of 225 to 400 MHZ.
What is the commonly used receive antenna for QMCS rack?
AS-4163/URC looks like what, is what directional, and has what type of polarization?
It is a 76-inch, base mounted dual-element UHF antenna assembly, is vertically polarized, and is omnidirectional.
What is the AS-4163/URC's frequency range?
Its frequency range is 225 to 400 MHZ.
Inputs to the AS-4163 antenna are connected where?
connected through two receptacles recessed at the base.
The AS-1735/SRC has what type of capability and has how many broadband radiating elements?
It has a transmit/receive capability and has 4 broadband radiating elements.
The AS-1735 has what polarization, directional, and what frequency reange?
It is vertically polarized, is omnidirectional, has has a frequency range of 225 to 400 MHZ.
What is broadband, has a vertical dipole antenna, has transmit and receive capability, is vertically polarized and omnidirectional?
An AS-2809/SRC
What is the frequency range of the AS-2809 and what is its capable wattage input?
it has a frequency range of 115 to 162 MHZ and is capable of 100 watts input.
What is a base mounted broadband, vertically polarized, omnidiretional, dipole antenna?
An AS-3226/URC
What is the frequency range for the AS-3226 and what is its capability?
It's frequency range is 30 to 76 MHZ and is transmit/receive capable.
What is the maximum wattage for the AS-3226/URC?
800 watts maximum.
What does the AS-3226 look like?
It is a ruged, lightweight, 12 foot unit sealed within an epoxy fiberglass housing.
What contains two AS-3018A/WSC-1(v)antennas.
The OE-82C/WSC-1(v)
How much coverage does the OE-82C provide and what is it's frequency range?
It provides 180 degrees of coverage per each antenna and it's frequency range is 240 to 318 MHZ.
What is the elevation of the OE-82C?
between 2 and 110 degrees.
Where does the OE-82c receive input for automatic tracking?
It receives input from the ship's gyro.