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Eugene O' Neill
Playwright of the 1920's
George Gershwin
Great '20's composer of "Rhaposdy in Blue"
James Weldon Johnson
NAACP leader who fought for anti-lynching laws
Dorothea Lange
Female photographer who captured the faces of the Depression
Marian Anderson
Her concert was moved to the Lincoln Memorial
Alan Locke
He published works of young African American writers
Helen Wills
She dominated women's tennis in the 1920s
Frances Perkins
Served as the 1st female cabinet member-labor
Bessie Smith
Great female "blues" singer of the 1920's
Orson Wells
His broadcast of "War of the Worlds" terrified US
Richard Wright
He wrote Native Son in 1940
John Collier
Committe of Indian Affairs; got Indian Reorganization Act
Gertrude Ederle
First woman to swim the English channel
John L. Lewis
President of the United Mine Workers union
Charles Evans Hughes
Appointed Secretary of State by President Harding
A. Mitchell Palmer
Attorney General who took action against the Red Scare
Aimee S. McPherson
Evangelist who enjoyed showmanship
A. Philip Randolph
Founder of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
Grant Wood
Artist of Rural Life, American Gothic
Clarence Darrow
Lawyer hired by ACLU to fight for evolution
Alfred Landon
Republican candidate against FDR in 1936
Edna Saint Vincent Millay
Poetess who celebrated youth and the independent life
Paul Robeson
Acclaimed African American Actor, left US due to racism
Zora Neale Hurtson
Author who wrote of African Americans moving to the North
Billy Sunday
Evangelist who preached against the evils of drinking
Albert B. Fall
Interior Security guilty of fraud during Harding's term
Francis Towsend
Outspoken critic of the New Deal
Andrew Mellon
Harding's Secretary of Treasury; worked to lower federal debt
Charles Lindbergh
First to fly solo across the Atlantic
Gordon Parks
African American photographer, author, and filmmaker
Fordney McCumber
Passed in 1922; raised tax on imports to hightest level ever
a Christian who believed in the literal translation of the bible
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp
Established by the Glass-Steagall Act
National Recovery Administration
Set prices of many products to ensure fair competition
National Labor Relations Board
Established by the Wagner Act
Social Security Act
included: old age pensions for retirees, unemployment compensation, aid to families of the disabled
Roaring 20's
bobbed hair, flappers, speakeasies
Pursued an isolationist policy inspite of sponsoring the Washington Naval Conference
wrote the Great Gatsby
noted jazz trumpeter
Artist who captured the grandeur of New York
Special prosecutor in the Scopes trial
Duke Ellington
famous composer and band leader
Civilan Conservation Corps
put young men 18-25 to work planting trees, developing parks, and helping on flood control projects
Volsead Act
Established Prohibition Bureau to enforce the ban on alcohol
Charles R. Forbes
Part of the corrupt Harding administration