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What are the organisation levels for materials planning?
Company Code
Storage Location
The MRP and work scheduling views must be maintained by ____
The 'basic data' in the material master is stored on what organisational level?
The MRP, work scheduling, and accounting views are related to what organisational level?
Consumption-based planning provides materials based on ____
historical consumption
More significant and high valued materials (A goods) are classified as ____
What determines the quantity of materials produced without break or shifting?
Lot-sizing procedure
What are the two types of procurement?
In-house production
External procurement
____ refers to the duration of in-house production for a particular material
In-house production time
____ refers to the duration of external procurement for a particular material
planned delivery time
Planned delivery times are independent of order quantity - true or false?
The behaviour of planned independent requirements is controlled by _____
the strategy group
The control of ATP checks is carried out using ____
the availability check group
A production procedure is defined by a ____
production version
The business processes and functions that can be assigned to a material is defined through ____
the material type
List and describe the 4 standard material types in SAP ERP
FERT: finished products
ROH: raw materials
HALB: semi-finished products
HAWA: trading goods
What is a bill of material?
The composition of all materials used for the production of a particular product
BOM in SAP ERP are multi-level - true or false?
False. It is single-level
The BOM consists if ____ and ____
BOM header
BOM items
Whereabouts in the BOM structure do all the settings valid for the entire BOM
BOM header
List and describe the 4 types of BOM items (item categories) in a BOM structure
1. stock items: are managed in warehouse and used for production

2. non-stock items: are assigned directly to a manufacturing order

3. variable-size items: contains variable size data

4. document items: contains a supplemental document that describes manufacturing

use SNVD to remember
Each item of a BOM does not need to be assigned to a item category - true or false?
Which of these item categories requires a material master and which does not -

Stock items
Non-stock items
Stock items - requires material master

Non-stock items - do not
The definition of routings takes place where?
Routing groups and Group counters
A routing can contain 3 types of sequence, they are?
Standard sequence
Parallel sequence
Alternative sequence
Which type of sequence should be carried out when work steps should be performed simultaneously?
Parallel sequence
The time elements for routings are called?
Standard values
What is the link between profit planning and manufacturing (demand management)?
Sales and operations planning (SoP)
Demand management manages independent requirements - true or false?
What type of requirements is created by sales planning or concrete sales orders?
Independent requirements
What type of requirement is an item requirement, and determined by bill explosion?
Dependent requirements
Demand management aims at determining which ____ of a finished product and at which ____
What type of order describes the concrete order of a customer?
Sales orders
Manufacturing is executed in ____
SoP provides a method for ____, ____, and ____
sales planning
production planning
feasibility estimated
The two planning levels in standard SOP are?
Product group level
Material level
The proportion factor in a product group is used for ____ of a sales plan from a higher level to a lower level
The ____ allows for the development of sales and production plans
Planning table
How are sales or production plans, created at one level, reach the lower levels?
The behaviour of independent requirements in mRP is determined by their ____ and ____
Requirement type
Planning strategy
For make-to-order production, what type of requirements is used?
planned independent requirements
For make-to-stock production, what type of requirements is used?
Sales orders ( Customer independent requirements)
Which of the following materials can be produced to stock (make-to-stock):

Finished products
Raw materials
Semi-finished products
Semi-finished products or assemblies

Raw materials are procured, not produced
Sales orders affect requirements by consuming ____
planned independent requirements
The way sales orders consume planned independent requirements is dependent on the ____ and the ____
settings defined for consumptions
consumption periods
List and describe the two consumption mode types
Backward consumption: consumes customer requirements with planned independent requirements lying BEFORE the customer requirements

Forward consumption: consumes customer requirements with planned independent requirements lying AFTER the customer requirements
Where can consumption modes and periods for a material be set in the system?
in either the material master or the
MRP group
What are Master schedule items?
items that influence the company's profits on a large scale and are important to the production procedure
What are the two MRP types?
What procedure does consumption based planning use as a simple planning technique?
Manual recorder point planning
Consumption-based planning is based on ____
historical consumption
MRP is based on ____
current and future sales
What is the first effect of a shortfall in stock in using MRP?
a purchase requisition (for trading goods) or a planned order (for semi-finished products) is generated.
When planning is complete in MRP for in-house production, the system generates a ____ which was converted from a ____
production order or process order

planned order
For external procurement in MRP, the system creates a ____ or a ____, which is converted to a ____, and then to a ____ when planning is complete
planned order or purchase requisition

purchase requisition (if planned order is created)

purchase order
What are the two planning types featured in MRP?
total planning
individual planning
What happens during net requirement calculation?
A comparison between stock and fixed receipts AND the safety stock and requirements is carried out

The result of the comparison is the 'quantity available for planning'
During net requirements calculation, what happens if the system notices a material shortfall?
Procurement proposals are created accordingly - purchase requisitions or planned orders
What are the two levels where an MRP run can be conducted?
overall planning for a plant and,
for a particular material
What are the 5 parameters that need to be entered when calling up an MRP run?
processing key
whether the run should create MRP lists
planning mode
MRP group
What are the 3 types of processing keys?
NEUPL: regenerative planning
NETCH:net change for total horizon
NETPL:net change for planning horizon
Stock/requirements list contains the status of ____, ____, and ____
What is the difference between stock/requirements list and MRP list?
stock/requirments list is dynamic while MRP list is static
For in-house production, planned orders are converted into ____
production order or process order
for external procurement, planning run creates what type of documents?
purchase requisitions or purchase orders
A product group supports the planning process by grouping products according to ____
planning characteristics
Which options are available for processing material planning?
Single-item planning (single-level, multi-level, or interactive)

Total planning online

Total planning in the background
A _________________ is the organizational entity for which balance sheets as well as profit and loss statements can be executed across company codes covering a company’s main areas of operation.
Business area
The ___________________________________ determines the structure of a balance sheet and income statement as far as which accounts map to which line items on the report.
Financial statement version
The __________________ GL account is responsible for Purchasing.