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Dissent (v orn)

The vote was not unaniomous since one person dissented.
to object, disagree, or differ
Repudiate (v)


The tobacco executive REPUDIATED his former support for the indusrty
To disown, renounce ro reject

Decent against sumthing you never had, or shared (object)

To repudate to to give up something that you arleady possesd (reject)
Harangue (n)
(haranguer, Haranguing)

The politician delivered a boring HARANGUE on family values.
A long, noisy, ranting speech- often pompous or scolding
Chasten (v)

The harangue did not chasten the audience who continued to misbehave
To punish in order to coreest; to subdue or restrain from excess

Harangue is verbal

Chsten the punishment
Malediction (n)

The MALEDICTIONS uttered during his harange cuased us to reudiate him
A curse or calling down evil upon someone; evil talk or slander

when someone uses words to talk evily (direct) a person to another person (im going to do that bad thing)
Imprecation (n)
(impercate, Imprecatory)
In the odyssey, the cyclops howls IMPRECATIONS at the man who blinded him
a curse or plea or prayer for evil or misfortune
taunt (v)
(taunting, tauntingly)
the reciver TAUNTED his opponent by shoving the ball in his face
to mock, ridicule, jeer at, reproach scornfully

from person to person (or living creature)
Deride (v)

During his harangue, he derided the reputation of his political opponent.
to mock, ridicule, or laugh at wiht contempt

to mock things that have to do with the person, apperance, actions etc
Derogatory (adj)
(derogate, derogation,derogatorily)

He derided him with his DEROGATORY remarks
belittling, disdainful, or tending to lessen in value
cull (v)

We culled the briised apples from the perfect ones
to spearate out as useless; to gather, choose or collect