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Plaudits (n)

His benevolent gifts to charities earned him plaudits from the public

An act of applauding
Credence (n)

the citizens of Maycomb County did not place much CREDENCE in Tom Robinson
Belief or acceptance; *Trustworthiness*, reliability
Covet (v)
(covetous, covtousness)

King midas COVETED gold more than anyone else
to wish or crave for, to desire greedily

(border on obsessiveness)
Attest (v)
(attestation [attest is uasally followed by TO[)

Since I've know him for so long, i can ATTEST to his honesty
To bear witness or certify; to demonstrate or declare as true
(assenter, assentingly)

Her parents finally assented to allowing her to drive thier car
*To consent to* or agree with

(more to give permission to )
Concord (n)

Scout seemed to be in CONCORD with very few people at her school
agreement or HARMONY; friendly or peaceful relations

(look for everyone getting along)
Consistent (adj)
(concordant, discord)

A trait is a characeristic that is consistent over an extened period of time
Compatible or in agreement; keeping to the same principles or actions

(key words- principles*)
Solidarity (n)

A team muct have SOLIDARITY within its ranks if it is to be successful
Cooperation and loyalty based on unity of interests and beliefs
Fidelity (n)

His FIDELITY to his country was unmatched
loyalty or devotion to duty
palaver (n)

the teachers held a PALAVER to dicuss the problems in the school
A coference,disscussion or conversation (can imply idle chatter or flattering persuasion)
accost (v)

I was accosted by a mon who was trying to sell newspapers
to approach and speak to (confronting in a challenging way)
Liaison (n)

B.H.S has a LIAISON with its sister city school system Takatori - in Japan
a Close bond or connection