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(noun) (none)

His benevolent gifts to charities earned him PLAUDITS from the public.

-commendable; around of a applause

Ex. the olympics winning for our country
(noun) (none)

The citizens of Maycomb County did not place much CREDENCE in Tom Robinson.

-belief or acceptance; trustworthiness, reliability

Ex. president, teachers, mother, doctor
(verb)(Covetous, covetousness))

King Midas COVETED gold more than anything else.

-to wish or crave for, to desire greedily

Ex. gollum (smeagle)
(verb)(attestation, usually followed by TO)

Since I've known him for so long, I can ATTEST to his honesty.

- to hear witness or certify; to demostrate or declare as true

Ex. to attest to a cheating on a test, or in court
(verb)(assenter, assentingly)

Her parents finally ASSENTED to allowing her to drive their car.

-to consent to or agree with
(noun)(concordant, Discord)

Scouts seemed to be in CONCORD with very few people at her school.

-agreement or harmony; freindly or peaceful relations

Ex. countries getting along
(adjective)(condordant, discord, consistently)

A trait is a characteristic that is CONSISTENT over an extended period of time.

-compatible or in agreement; keeping to the same principles or actions

Ex. England would be consistent with US, they follow us

A team must have SOLIDARITY within its ranks if it is to be successful.

-cooperation and loyalty based on unity of interests and beliefs

Ex. after 9/11 we were all united, to make a marriage work you need solidarity

His FIDELITY to his country was unmatched.

-loyalty or devotion to duty

Ex. dog, firefighters, troops

BHS has a LIAISON with its sister city system- Takatori- in Japan.

-a close bond or connection

Ex. bush and tony blair, mom and dad

The teacher held a PALAVER to discuss the problems in the school.

-a conference, discussion, or conversation

Ex. teach staff meetings, jury

I was ACCOSTED by a man who was trying to sell newspaper.

-to approach and speak to (to confront in a challenging way)