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What three file systems did DPVS replace
Strat 3, apc 117, and the mad directory.
What is the function used to locate PLAs by their short title name or keyword.
PLA Lookup
What is used when the user knows only the first few characters of the PLA. The user enters as much of the PLA as is known and DPVS locates the first occurrence within its database and displays it.
incremental search.
What is Used when a portion of the PLA is known such as when the drafter knows its something “sixthflt”.
Keyword Search
What function allows the user to maintain a database of short and long title spellings for selected PLAs and acronyms?
Glossary lookup
This function was used to validate the PLAs found in a local USMTF database. Implementation of TurboPrep has made this function obsolete.
Validate USMTF
Point Of Contacts (POCs) for Army, Air Force and DISA PLA questions. Total number of PLAs in the database, size of the database and the last update processed are also listed.
Administrative information
What is used to correct some error conditions related to the database. May also be done periodically to enhance performance.
Reindex tables
used to create DPVS installation disks. Useful to install to a workstation not on the network.
Create Installation files
used to move update messages into the proper directory. Not used if downloaded correctly.
Import update message
Used to configure DPVS to operate with USMTF Editor. Obsolete.
Select Default USMTF Editor PLA File
Used to view errors if program problems arise. DPVS will log 650 different types of errors.
View Error Log