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To break a number up into other numbers.
A nubmer that is multiplied by another number to get a product.
The product of any number and a whole #.
The last digit must be a "0" or a "5".
Rule 5
To find the value of an algebraic expression.
A mathematical phrase that contains operations, #'s, and/or variables (LETTERS).
A number greater than 1 that has more than 2 factors.
Composite #
A # that is divisible by ONLY the number "1" and itself.
Prime #
The expression of a composite # as the product of prime #"s.
Prime Factorization
If the sum of the digits is divisible by 3.
Rule 3
If rules "2" and "3" apply to a number.
Rule 6
If the sum of the digits is divisible by 9.
Rule 9
If the last digit is even.
Rule 2
If the last two digitis are divisible by 4.
Rule 4
If the last digit is a "0".
Rule 10