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Developmental task
any skill that must be mastered or personal change that must take place for optimal development
Psychosocial delema
creates balance between a person and society and leads to optimal development. Conflict between personal needs and society
Developmental Psychology
The study of progressive changes in behavior and abilities from conception until death.
Physical growth of the body and nervous system
Condition that exists when maturation has advanced enough to allow rapid acquisition of a skill.
Jean Jacques Rouseau
Believed we were born with all we need (skills and qualities)
John Locke
Believed we were born with a “clean slate.” No knowledge or skills.
John Marie E(I)tard
Tried to civilize Boy Victor, but failed.
Robert Fantz
Capabilities of infants, Looking chamber, Preferences of babies.
Gibson and Walk
Visual Cliff to investigate fear
Jean Piaget
4 stages of cognitive development. First discovered object permanence.
Jerome Kagan
Temperamental differences in children. Found no difference.
Erik Erickson
psychosocial dilemmas (8 stages). Child Psychoanalyst. biopsychosocial model.
Anna Freud
Anna Freud – Sigmund’s daughter, who was a mentor to Erik Erickson. Psychoanalyst.
Sigmund Freud
Founder of psychoanalysis.
Emperor of China
1st started intelligence testing to assess government officials. First test.
Alfred Binet
First intelligence test. Stanford –Binet test. Tested kids who would do good in school and those who wouldn’t.
Lewis Terman
Standardized the intelligence test to assess American school children. IQ was created.
Francis Galton
Darwin’s cousin. Argued for hereditary in intelligence in 1900’s. Reaction time studies. Work lent to eugenics movement.
Howard Gardner
Multiple intelligence theory. Language, logic/math, visual/spatial, music, bodily kinetic, interpersonal, interpersonal, and naturalist skills.
(?) David Wechsler
1939, developed Wechsler intelligence scale. Created first adult intelligence test.
Robert Sternberg
Literary definition of intelligence. Investigating tests of practical intelligence.