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Clinical Judgement
f. Includes critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making and is derived from the knowledge and clinical experience base of the nurse, it is holistic and partly intuitive
decision making
e. Making a choice between 2 or more options; may be goal directed, in which case the goal or goals will direct the outcome
nursing process
b. A clinical decision-making process that includes critical thinking, diagnostic reasoning, and clinical judgment; it is composed of five inter-related parts or steps
diagnostic reasoning
a. The process of clustering related data pieces about a client situation, analyzing the cluster critically, and deriving specific nursing diagnoses for the client
critical thinking
d. Purposeful self-regulatory judgment that gives reasoned and reflective consideration to evidence, contexts, conceptualizations, methods and criteria
What are the 3 types of nursing diagnosis?
risk for, actual, wellness
North America Nursing Diagnosis Association
steps of nursing process
assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, interventions and evaluation.
total recall, habit, inquiry, new ideas and creativity, knowing how you think
Beliefs about phenomena you must accept as true in order to accept a theory
conceptual framework
i. A group of related concepts that support a particular viewpoint or focus
conceptual model
f. Usually refers to a graphic explanation of theoretical relationships
A relationship statement that is to be tested