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latin word for "do, go, lead, drive"
to move something with an irregular, rapid violent action. to stir up or excite.
Philip found Louisa highly agitated at the news of her son's disappearance.
to carry on a lawsuit by judicial process
if the company chooses to litigate, it may give the protesters the chance to make their points even more effectively in the courts and newspapers.
recklessly or wastefully extravagant; spendthrift
Rodney had been the most prodigal with his expected inheritance and had the most to gain from a redistribution of the estate.
the center of worship and communal life of a Jewish congregation; temple.
Though the neighborhood was now dangerous at night, the older members refused to move and abandon the beloved synagogue they had attended since the 1940s.
Latin meaing "come"
a coming or arrival; a coming into use.
the advent of spring was always marked by the blue crocuses pushing up through the snow.
origin or source
the wedding guests wondered about the provenance of this mysterious woman, about whom Seth had never breathed a word.
inclined to seek out risk or danger; bold, daring, adventurous.
Kate, with her bungee jumping, free-falling, and rock climbing, had always been the most venturesome of the four.
the place where a trial in held.
to Dr. Slaughter the important thing was to get a change of venue; hoping to conceal his past, he wanted a judge who knew him neither by sight nor by reputation.
Latin meaning "take, seize"
the act of receiving. a social gathering where guests are formally welcomed.
although the reception of her plan was enthusiastic, it was months before anything was done about it.
starting to come into being or to become evident.
he felt the stirrings of incipient panic as he riffled through the file and realized that the letter had been removed.
noticeable or able to be felt by the senses.
her change in attitude toward him was barely perceptible, and he couldn't be sure that he wasn't imagining it.
to open to some influence; responsive. able to be submitted to an action or process.
impressed with her intelligence and self-confidence, he was highly susceptible to her influence.
latin word for "end" or "boundary"
sympathy; attraction. relationship
he knew of Carl's affinity to both wine and violence, and intended to take advantage of them.
authoritative and final. specifying perfectly or precisely.
the team's brilliant research provided a deinitive desciption of the virus and its strange mutation patterns.
extremely or immeasureably small
looking more closely at the reseach data, he now saw an odd pattern of changes so infinitesimal that they hadn't been noticed before.
having definite limits.
her ambitions were infinite, but her wealth was finite.
latin verb meaning "throw" or "hurl"
near, neightboring. sharing a common boundary or border.
the warehouse was adjacent to the junction of the two raging rivers, so the body could have been quickly disposed of.
to guess
they could conjecture that he had met his end in the Andes at the hands of the guerrillas.
downcast, depressed
despite the glorious weather, they walked home from the hospital dejected.
the curved path that an object makes in space, or that a throw object follows as it rises and falls to earth.
considering the likely range, trajectory, and accuracy of a bullet fired froma cheap handgun at 150 yards, the murder seemed incredible.
latin verb meaning "drag or draw"
to decrease the importance, value, or effectiveness of something
none of the gossip in the new biography detracts in the least from her greatness as writer.
drawn out, continued, or extanded.
no one was looking forward to a protracted struggle for custody of the baby.
a taking back or withdrawal; a denial of what one has previously said.
the following week, the newspaper reluctantly printed a retraction of the errors in the article, but the damage had been done.
not easily handled, led taught, or controlled.
the army's corruption was known to be the country's intractable problem, and all foreign aid ended in the colonels' pockets.
latin verb "to lead"
tending or promote, encourage, or assist; helpful.
she found the atmosphere there conducive to study and even to creative thinking.
subtraction. the reaching of a conclusion by reasoning.
foretelling the future by deduction based on a political or economic theory proved to be extremely difficult.
persuade, influence.
to induce him to make the call we had to promise we wouldn't do it again.
temptation to wrong, especially temeptation to sexual intercourse
the company began its campaign fo seduction of the smaller firm by invitiing its top management to a series of weekends at expensive resorts.
latin verb "to follow"
resulting. improtant.
none of our discussions thus far has been very consequential next week's meeting will be the improtant one.
to carry out or perfrom. to put death legally or formally.
he was aware that he hadn't been hired to think independently but rather simply to execute the governor's policies.
excessively submissive, obedient, or flattering.
since he loves flattery. he surrounds himself with obsequious people, none of whom he ever really trusts.
arranged in order or ina series
in writing the history of the revolution, he found it hard to put some of the events in sequential order.
harmonious, ordered, rational, calm
after years of romantic emotionality, many artists began to adopt a more apollonian style, producing carefully detailed patterns and avioding extremes of all kinds.
frenzied, orgiastic
the bacchanalian partying on graduation night resulted in three wrecked cars, two lawsuits by unamused parents, and more new experiences than most of the paritcipants could remember the next day.
unclear, ambiguous, or confusing.
all she could get from the old woman were a few dephic comments that left her more confused than ever about the missing documents.