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Holy Alliance
Created by Alexander 1, alliance was with Russia, Prussia, and Austria. ITs purpose was to protecet Christian Peace in Europe.
Poland and Finland
Alexander 1 of Russia wanted to take over Poland and Finland, expanding its borders.
Baron Stein of Prussia
Baron Stein was second to the King. He wanted to give liberal/democractice ideas to purssian people, to avoid being overtaken by Napoleon.
"Hungry Forties"
The 1840's. The economy was horrible, and there was a lock of food and money for average people.
Irish Potato Famine
English Protestant Land Owners Owned Irish land, that Catholic Irish farmed. The land owners only allowed to Irish to keep potatoes. The potatoes became diseased, and 1 million died, and 1 millin immigrated to U.S.A.
Silesian Weavers
In an area owned by Prussia, silesians were skilled textile weavers. However machine manufactured textiles were mass produced, and the silesians were unable to compete. They revolted, and the Purrisan army came in, beating and shooting the weavers.
Thiers, Guizot
Advisors to Franches, King Luis Felipe. Managed Luis Felipes "rich man government".
monster banquets
people went to these places and got free food, and listened to speaches about how bad Guizot, and Felipe were.
wanted gov. Whith out king. The election would be universal manhood suffrange.
Lamartine, Cavaignac
Leaders of the moderates. Lamartine was a poet and Cavaignac was a general.
Socialists led by Louis Blanc
governemnt owns all business so average people can have jobs, money and food.
Louis Napolean
Elected president . Has a coup de tat and declares himself emporer.
Frederick william 1V of Purussia
King of Prussia, gave his people a constitution, therefor admitting they dont have the divine right of kings.
Emporer of Austria, was forced to give up throne, replaced by Francis Joeseph