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I am Indians traveling in small groups that wander from one area to another in search of food. What word describes my movement?
I was food, shelter, and clothing for many Indians in Texas. There were thousands of us when the Indians lived among the plains of Texas. Today there are only a few hundred. What am I?
Buffalo or Bison
My name is Tejas. What does it mean and who gave me this name?
Tejas means friend and it is the name given by the Caddo Indians to name Texas.
I am an Indian from west Texas. I live near the mountains in an unusual dwelling made of the soil, plant, and water. Our tribe is no longer. Our dwellings are still standing. What Indian group am I from and what were our dwellings called?
Jumano Indians lived in adobe homes.
I am an Indian that lived along the Texas coastal plains. We hunted fish with our spears. We ate turtle and other seafood. What tribe am I from?
I am a great Indian from the Plains of Texas. I was an expert horseman and hunter. My tribe had two chiefs, one for peace and one for war. What Indian tribe do I come from?
I measure lines on a map. I go west to east. I am measured north or south of the equator. What am I called?
My Indian tribe lived in the fertile eastern area of Texas. We were farmers and our group was large. Our dwelling was round and a huge house with a hole at the top to let the smoke out. What tribe am I from?
My source is in the Rocky Mountains. I am a natural border between Texas and Mexico.My mouth empties into the Gulf of Mexico. What river am I in Spanish and English?
Rio Grande = Grand River
I am a set of lines on a map that are parallel. My beginning line is the Prime Meridian. There are 180 lines in order just like me. I run north and south, but I am either east or west when you are trying to locate me. What am I called?