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What is a definition
a language form that explains an unknown in terms of a known
What are the three elements of a logical definition?
term, genus, and differentia
WHat is a synonym for genus
WHat is a synonym for differentia
distinguishing characteristics
What orginizational form emerges when one arranges a definition by division vertically?
an outline
WHat makes an approximate definition like an expository composition?
it is what the writer atually does when she develops a thesis in the various types of expository composition
What is the organizational pattern of a descriptive composition.
What mode of discourse has a chronological arrangement.
What is a synonym for exposition
analysis; explanation
What is a typical organizational scheme for exposition
WHich mode of compostition concerns the truth or falsity of a proposition
persuadion or argumentation
Which principle of outlining demands the use of nouns or noun substitutes
topic phrasing (OL3)
Which principle of outlining refers to the similarity of language forms
parallel phrasing
Which principle of outlining hs to do with general to specific relationships.
Which principle of outlining insists upon two or more topocs always
WHat normally precedes the atual outline of an essay
thesis statement
Why doesnt't th outline refer to intro, body or conclusion
thesis statement stands for intro and conclusion, woud violate the principle of subordination
What is the signifier for a main topic
Roman numeral
What is the signifier for a subtopic
capital letters
What signals a detail under a subtopic
Arabic numerals (lowercase letters)
What is a process essay
a how to essay, instructional by nature
Why are process and definition essays expository
they explain
WHo was Quintillian
Roman rhetorician and critic who wrote Institutione Oratoria
What are the seven steps in the Quintillian rhetoric and what is the function of each
-Exordium-general area of discussion
-Narration-reasons for discussing the topic
-Exposition-definition of terms
-Proposition-thesis statement
-Conformation-multiple paragraph body
-Refutation-contrary arguement
-Peroration-concluding material
What is often the key word in an arguementative proposition
The four types of definition
by classification and differentiation
by division
by synonym
by approximation
The four modes of discourse
Exposition and Argumentation are both
these two modes are used together in prose
descriptive and narrative