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The sociological perspective
helps one to look at their own world in a different light.
Sociologists stress that a person's ideas and desires are
highly influenced by their social groups.
Sociology sees itself as
the scientific study of society.
Which of the following is a natural science
Sociology views the development of generalizations
as one of its' principle goals.
Sociologists would consider
all realms of human life to be legitimate avenues to explore.
Sociology, as a science, emerged
in the middle of the 1800s.
Sociology grew out of what?
grew out of social upheaval.
Which founder of sociology would least consider himself a sociologist
Karl Marx
What group would Durkheim relate to having a higher rate of suicide than others
Recent research on suicide shows that
whites and African Americans commit suicide in similar ways.
How did Max Weber view realigion?
saw religion as a central force in social change.
By applying notions of both social facts and Verstehen, sociological research has found that more Americans are born on ________ than any other day of the week
Sociology first took root in the United States at
the University of Kansas and the University of Chicago.
The department of sociology that dominated the early formation of sociology in the United States was at
the University of Chicago.
All of the following combine the role of sociologist with the role of social reformer EXCEPT
Talcott Parsons.
American sociology shifted away from an emphasis on social reform to that of the development and testing of social theory in the
A major difference between those who practice basic sociology and those who practice applied sociology is that
a doctorate is not necessary in order to work as an applied sociologist
A general statement of explanation of how two or more things are related to one another is
a theory.
To understand society, functionalists say that we need to look at
both structure and function.
The founder of conflict theory was
Karl Marx.
Karl Marx felt that the key to human history is understanding
class struggle.
The theoretical perspective that is usually associated with micro level analysis is
symbolic interactionism.
As of today, the unrivaled center of the discipline of sociology on a world scale is found in
4) the United States.