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What was probably the most important cause of the Revolution
taxation without representation
Name the avantages of the british
srongest navy
experienced well trained army
wealth of the world wide empire
advantages of the Colonies
fighting on their own ground
fought with determination to protect colonies
disadvantages of the British
atlantic ocean kept them from getting reinforcements they had french against them
disadvantages of the Colonies
didn't have a regular army
strong navy didn't have wealth
Why was it hard to raise the colonial army
getting killed
Who was the leader of the colonial militia?
General George Washington
Why were some troops not wanting to fight against England?
because they thought they would get killed because England had a stronger army
Famous author that encouraged troops to fight
Thomas Paine
Name of Thomas Paine's pamphlet that encouraged men to fight for their freedom
Common Sense
Name of the pamphlet that encouraged troops not to give up after troops suffered early losses.
The Crisis
Battle won by the colonists on Christmas night.
Turning point of the war was when the colonists won at which battle?
Battle of Saratoga
After Saratoga, the ____ and ______decided to help the colonial army.
French and Spanish
Washington and his troops camped out in the winter of 1778 in a place called ______ in Pennsylvania.
Valley Forge