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A device or instrument designed to perform a specific function, especially an electrical device, such as a toaster, for household use. See Synonyms at tool.
A dental or surgical device designed to perform a therapeutic or corrective function.
Dental braces
The act of applying.
Something applied, such as a cosmetic or curative agent.

The act of putting something to a special use or purpose: an application of a new method.
A specific use to which something is put: the application of science to industry.
The capacity of being usable; relevance: Geometry has practical application in aviation and navigation.
Close attention; diligence: shows application to her work.

A request, as for assistance, employment, or admission to a school.
The form or document on which such a request is made.
good grades
To take into custody; arrest: apprehended the murderer.
To grasp mentally; understand: a candidate who apprehends the significance of geopolitical issues.
To become conscious of, as through the emotions or senses; perceive.
bank robber caught
Suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place; fitting.

To set apart for a specific use: appropriating funds for education.
To take possession of or make use of exclusively for oneself, often without permission: Lee appropriated my unread newspaper and never returned it.
proper clothes
money for college
take others stuff
The act or an instance of approving.
An official approbation; a sanction.
Favorable regard; commendation.
Almost exact or correct: the approximate time of the accident.
Very similar; closely resembling: sketched an approximate likeness of the suspect.
start time
Exactly suitable; appropriate: an apt reply.
Having a natural tendency; inclined: She is apt to take offense easily. See Usage Note at liable. See Usage Note at likely.
Quick to learn or understand: an apt student.
sharp student
Determined by chance, whim, or impulse, and not by necessity, reason, or principle: stopped at the first motel we passed, an arbitrary choice.
Based on or subject to individual judgment or preference: The diet imposes overall calorie limits, but daily menus are arbitrary.
Established by a court or judge rather than by a specific law or statute: an arbitrary penalty.
Not limited by law; despotic: the arbitrary rule of a dictator.
jump to do it
The process by which the parties to a dispute submit their differences to the judgment of an impartial person or group appointed by mutual consent or statutory provision.
A structure, especially one of masonry, forming the curved, pointed, or flat upper edge of an open space and supporting the weight above it, as in a bridge or doorway.
A structure, such as a freestanding monument, shaped like an inverted U.
A curve with the ends down and the middle up: the arch of a raised eyebrow.
Anatomy. An organ or structure having a curved or bowlike appearance, especially either of two arched sections of the bony structure of the foot.
arch de triompe
The weapons and supplies of war with which a military unit is equipped.
All the military forces and war equipment of a country. Often used in the plural.
A military force equipped for war.
The process of arming for war.
A governmental establishment for the storing, development, manufacturing, testing, or repairing of arms, ammunition, and other war materiel.
A stock of weapons.
A store or supply: an arsenal of retorts.
storage for guns
Made by humans; produced rather than natural.
Brought about or caused by sociopolitical or other human-generated forces or influences: set up artificial barriers against women and minorities; an artificial economic boom.
Made in imitation of something natural; simulated: artificial teeth.
Not genuine or natural: an artificial smile.
To discover with certainty, as through examination or experimentation. See Synonyms at discover.
Archaic. To make certain, definite, and precise.
find or determine
A particular look or facial expression; mien: “He was serious of aspect but wholly undistinguished” (Louis Auchincloss).
Appearance to the eye, especially from a specific vantage point.
A way in which something can be viewed by the mind: looked at all aspects of the situation. See Synonyms at phase.
way of looking