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Benevolence (noun)
goodwill or the disposition to do good: an act of kindness or charity

Helping at a nursing home.
Exemplary (adjective) to
exemplar (noun)
Serving as a model, deserving imitation; commendable

Setting an example of how to act infront of your children.
Reputable (adfective)
exemplar (noun)
respectable (good repute=good reputation)

Would want good services from a home dealer.
Gentility (noun)
genteel (noun)
refinemeant, politeness, respectability; OR a member of the upper class

Wealthy people in England with tea have genteel behavior.
Decorum (noun)
Proper or good taste in action, speech, or dress

You should show decorum when you go to a fancy restaurant, or to religious services.
Punctilious (adjective) to
Punctiliousness (noun)
Very careful, meticulous, exact, precise

You would want a doctor to be puntilious during open heart surgery.
Candid (adjective) to
candor (noun)
Honest, frank, outspoken

You might be happy or upset about a candid statement aboaut yourself.
veracity (noun)
Habitual honesty, truthfulness: OR accuracy or precision

Veracity is important when it comes to questioning you in criminal acts.
Feasible (adjective)
Practical, possible, or capable of being done, plausable

It's not feasible to fly with your arms.
Solace (noun or verb)
Give comfort to, console, lessen grief

Solace might be necessary if your friends parents get divorced.
Elation (noun)
Extreme happiness or joy

Seeing people you haven't seen in a long time would make you elated.
Avidity (noun) to
Avid (adjective)
Eagerness, great enthusiasm, or greed

I have an advitity to be in a play.
Preoccupy (verb)
preoccupation (verb)
To absorb of engross mentally

A book or a project preoccupy you.
Morale (noun)
Mental condition or a state of mind

A commpliment or an A on a test would boost my morale.
Wary (adjective)
Cautious, on guard against danger
(wary of can mean suspicious of)

I'm wary of diseases.
Impunity (noun)
almost always preceded by with
Freedom from punishment, harm, or loss

High profile people might do things with impunity.