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Ionic bond
Transfer of electrons to form a chemical bond; stronger than hydrogen bonds but similar in strenth with covalent bonds
Polar covalent bond
Equal sharing of electrons in a chemical bond
Non-polar covalent bond
Unequal sharing of electrons in a chemical bond
Hydrogen bond
Weakest bond; one part of bond involves a hydrogen atom; important with properties of water and in DNA
Function of nucleic acids
Store information
Structure of nucleic acids
Nucletides, A, T, C, G, U
Groups of nucleic acids
Structure of Enzymes
Globular (4°) proteins, RNA
Fuction of Enzymes
Metabolic catalysts=lower activation energy;catabolism=digestion,breakdown,hydrolysis;anabolism=synthesis,dehydration synthesis;lock and key model, induced fit model=substrate, active site, enzyme-substrate complex, product(s);"-ase",substrate specific,unchanged during reaction
Factors that affect fuction of Enzymes
pH,temperature,salts,substrate,enzyme,coenzymes,cofactors,activators=allosteric,cooperativity, inhibitors=competitive,noncompetitive,allosteric, negative feedback
Plant cell classification
Cell wall, chloroplasts, central vacuole
Animal cell classification
Lysosomes, centrioles
Prokaryote cell classification
Naked circular DNA, ribosomes, no nucleus or membrane-bound organelles, sometimes cell wall
Eukaryote cell classification
Nucleus and membrane-bound organelles
Cell membrane structure
Phospholipid bilayer and a variety of proteins