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acquisitive (adj)
able to get and to retain ideas or information; concerned with acquiring wealth or property
arrogate (v)
to claim or take without right
banal (adj)
hackneyed, trite, commonplace
belabor (v)
to work on excessively; to thrash soundly
carping (adj)
tending to find fault, especially in a petty, nasty or hairsplitting way
coherent (adj)
holding or sticking together; making a logical whole; comprehensible, meaningful
congeal (v)
to change from liquid to solid; thicken; to make inflexible or rigid.
emulate (v)
to imitate with the intent of equaling or surpassing the model
encomium (n)
a formal expression of praise, a lavish tribute
eschew (v)
to avoid, shun, keep away from
excoriation (n)
a strong denunciation, the act of state of stripping or wearing off the skin
germane (adj)
relevant, appropriate, apropos
insatiable ( adj)
so great or demanding that it can not be satisfied
intransigent (adj)
refusing to compromise, irreconcilable
invidious (adj)
offensive, hateful; tending to cause bitterness and resentment
largesse (n)
generosity in giving; lavish or bountiful contributions
ramify (v)
to divide and spread out like branches; to separate into divisions
reconnaissance (n)
a survey made for military purposes; any kind of preliminary inspection or examination
substantiate (v)
to establish by evidence; prove; to give concrete or substantial form to
taciturn (adj)
habitually silent or quiet; inclined to talk very little
temporize (v)
to stall or act evasively in order to gain time, avoid a confrontation, or postpone a decision, to compromise
tenable (adj)
capable of being held or defended