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The 13 original colonies were established and ran by
Great Britain
13 original colonies border the _____ ocean on the east
Define Mercantilism
export more than import give them more power
What 3 countries all wanted to claim land in the new world?
France, Britian, Spain
What was the sole purpose of the colonies to the British King?
increase trade
Define Triangular Trade:
a trade route that exchanged goods between the west indies, colonies, and africa
Triangular trade brought more ________ into the colonies from Africa.
What were 4 causes of the American Revolution?
stamp act
navigation act
sugar act
townshend act
Proclamation act of 1763
A series of laws passed that said the colonies must trade with only England. What wee they called?
Navigation act
A law jpassed down from the King requiring the colonists to provide housing for the British Troops was called what?
quartering act
This said that the colonists could not expand their boundaries westward past the existing boundary (appalachian Mountains
Proclamation act of 1763
How did the colonists rebel against the Navigation acts?
traded with other countries
How did the colonists react to the taxes imposed by King George III?
What kind of houseguests did British troops make?
unpleasent unwelcome rude
What were some of the things taxed by England?
Tea, paper, sugar, all printed items