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Latin word meaning "war"
Existing before a war. especially before the American Civil War.
when world war I was over, the french nobility found it impossible to return to their extravagant antebellum way of life.
Warlike. aggressive, quarrelsome.
the country often elected the more bellicose party after a period of tension along the border, hoping that military action would result.
Aggressiveness, combativeness.
the belligerence in Turner's voice told them that the warning was a serious threat.
Open defiance and opposition, sometimes armed, to a person or thing in authority.
the substitute teacher attempted to end the student rebellion by insisting on absolute quiet.
related to the Latin words for "agree" and "peace."
to soothe anger or agitation. to subdue by armed action
it took the police hours to pacify the angry demonstrators.
A person opposed to war or violence, especially someone who refuses to bear arms or to fight, on moral or religious grounds.
always a strong pacifist, in later life he took to promoting actively the cause of peace and nonviolence.
An agreement between two or more people or groups; a treaty or formal agreement between nations to deal with a problem or to resolve a dispute.
the girls made a pact never to reveal what had happened on that terrifying night in the abandoned house.
to make peaceful and quiet; to calm, satisfy
the Aztecs offered mass human sacrifices-of 80,000 prisoners on one occasion-in order to appease their gods.
Latin word hospes and its stem hospit- meaning both "host" and "guest."
a person given or held to ensure that an agreement, demand, or treaty is kept or fulfilled.
the kidnappers released their hostage unharmed once all their demands were met.
a place or program to help care for the terminally ill.
uncle Harold was moved to the hospice only after my aunt had almost collapsed withe exhaustion while caring for him.
an inexpensive, supervised place for young travelers to stay overnight.
generations of American college students have traveled through Europe cheaply by staying st hostels instead of hotels.
not welcoming or generous; unfriendly.
shot down by government agents, the smuggler struggled for survival on the rocky, inhospitable island.
Latin word amare "to love"
friendly, peaceful
their relations with their in-laws were generally amicable, despite some bicking during the holidays.
charmed or fascinated; inflamed with love
Rebecca quickly became enamored of the town's rustic surroundings, its slow pace, and its eccentric characters.
hostile, unfriendly, or harmful
this latest report, like so many earlier ones, found that too great a concern with test scores was inimicals to broad education.
a lover, often secret, not allowed by law or custom.
he was her paramour for many years before she finally divorced her husband.
Latin for "fault or crime" or "accusation"
the study of crime, criminals, law enforcement, and punishment
his growing interest in criminology led him to become a probation officer.
to remove or reduce the criminal status of.
An angry debate over decriminalizing doctor-assisted suicide raged all day at the statehouse.
to show evidence of involvement ina crime or a fault.
the muddy tracks leading to and from the cookie jar were enough to incriminate them.
an accusation in retaliation for an accusation made against oneself.
their failure to find help led to endless and pointless recriminations over the responsibility for the accident.
Latin words for "prove or proof" and "honesty or integrity"
a formal or offical act of approving; praise, usually given with pleasure or enthusiasm.
the senate signaled its approbation of the new plan by voting for it unanimously.
to show that something is not what is has been claimed to be; refute
a week before the election her was still struggling to disprove his opponents's lies about his connections to organized crime.
absolute honesty and uprightness
her unquestioned probity helped win her the respect of her fellow judges.
a person of thoroughly bad character.
finally, on the verge of physical dn financial ruin, the reprobate dropped his lowlife friends, joins AA, and begged hi wife to come back.
Latin word meaning "heavy, weighty, serious."
great or very dignified seriousness
the head of the committee never failed to carry herself with the gravitas she felt was appropriate to her office.
to move or be drawn toward something especially by natural tendency or as if by an invisible force.
during hot weather, the town's social life gravitated toward the lake.
weighty importance, seriousness, or dignity
laughing and splashing each other, they failed to realize the gravity of their situation until the canoe was within twenty feet of the falls.
latin levis meaning "light" and verb levare meaning "to raise or lighten"
to lighten, lessen or relive, especially physical or mental suffering
cold compresses alleviated the pain of the physical injury, but only time could alleviate the effect of the insult.
to lift or raise. to raise in rank or status
last year's juniors have been elevated to the privileged status of seniors.
something that lightens and raises; something that modifies, eases, or animates.
the speech was on a dull subject-"microeconomic theory in the 1970s"-but its leavening of humor made the time pass quickly.
lack of appropriate seriousness
, frivolity
the Puritan elders tried to ban levity of all sorts from the cmmunity's meetings
a guide, especially one who takes tourists to museums, monuments, or architectural sites and explains what is being seen.
While in Paris, they placed themselves in the care of a highly recommended cicerone to ensure that they saw and learned what was most noteworthy.
to bully; to intimidate or harass by bluster or personal pressure.
he would swagger around the apartment entrance with his friends and hector the terrified inhabitants going in and out.
an attitude or way of life based on the idea that pleasure or happiness should be the chief goal.
in her new spirit of hedonism she went for a massage, picked up champagne and choclate truffles, and made a date with an old boyfriend for the evening.
a senior figure or leader in one's field
after dinner the guest of honor, a nestor among journalists, shared some of his wisdom with the other guests.
marked by simplicity and often strict self-discipline or self-denial.
his spartan life bore no relation to the lush language of his poetry.
extremely loud, often with especially deep richness of sound.
even without a microphone, his stentorian voice broadcast the message of peace to the farthest reaches of the auditorium.
seemingly indifferent to pleasure or pain.
she bore the pain of her broken leg with stoic patience.
marked by a luxurious or sensual way of life.
eventually their sybaritic excesses consumed all their savings and forced them to lead a more restrained life.
pregnant or enlarged with something
the gravid sow moved heavily from trough to tree, where she settled into the shaded dust and lay unmoving for the rest of the afternoon.