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When may an electroinc pager or cell phone be worn in uniform?
Offical use only issued ny command.
How should women's Navy certified handbag be carried while in uniform?
Over left shoulder or forearm, placing the top of handbag at waist level.
What color contact lens can be worn with uniform?
Natural color (blue, green, brown)
What type of uniform is sewn in creases allowed.
What uniform is MAA/LAw Enforcement badges.
Dinner and Formal Dress
What is max length of beard if authorized?
1/4 inch
Max length of Male fingertips?
Not beyond fingertips.
Max length of Women fingertips?
1/4 inch from fingertips.
How many wrist watches and braclets can be worn in uniform?
Who establishes the requirements for enlisted personnel to wear civilian clothes in performance of official duties.
Who is required to have a Sea Inspection?
E-1 to E-3
What number of rings per hand?
one per hand plus wedding ring