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Combat utility uniform components 8
1) field cap 2) garrison cap 3) coat 4) trousers 5) service tapes 6) name tapes 7) boot TW 8) boot HW
Officers required to maintain 4
1) 2 sets of woodland 2) 2 sets of desert 3) boot HW 4) boot TW
Name and service tape
¾ inch in block lettering
Nametape is over __ and service tape is over __ breast pocket
right left
When approved by __ sleeves will be rolled __ inches wide and terminating __ inches above elbow
commander 3 2
Boonie cap may only be worn during
field-type exercises
The coat authorized to wear with combat utility uniforms is
pewter gray all-weather coat
Pewter coat must extend to the bottom of the __ and not extend below __
kneecap mid-calf
Green service sweater is worn under the __
Green service sweater is authorized for __ or __ while worn with __ __
leave liberty civilian attire
Maternity uniforms are issued __ to enlisted while officers __ their own
once purchase
Utility uniform is authorized to wear
1)while commuting to and from work 2) brief and appropriate stops off-base during duty hours while commuting
Brief and appropriate stops include 8
1) when dropping off/picking up children from daycare centers or school 2) obtaining gas or other essential driving aids 3) picking up/dropping off dry-cleaning 4) off-base financial institutions 5) picking up vehicles at repair shops 7) drive-thru windows 8)convience store for childcare or health products
Officer rank insignia will be worn with the long axis of the bars __ inch from the front edge of the collar and __ to the deck
1 parallel
Enlisted is worn with single point __ and lower edge equally space __ from the collar
up ½
___ breast insignia on utility will be worn in garrison
___ breast insignia on utility will be worn in a field environment
Breast insignia will be worn centered __ above the service tape
½ inch
The second breast insignia is placed ___ inch above the first one
On the service coat there should be __ inches in the chest and ___ inch in the waist
2 1
Service coat belt should extend between ___ and ___ inches from the left edge of the belt buckle
2 ¾ 3 ¾
Service coat shall extend __ to __ inches below individual’s crotch
1 2
Left side of service coat shall overlap the right by at least __ and no more than __ inches
3 4
Male officer tie clasp may be worn between __ and __ button
third fourth
Tip of khaki web belt shall extend between __ and __ inches
two four
Right edge of the buckle should align with the __ and the __ edge
fly shirt
Female service coat shall extend __ below the natural waistline
Length of skirt is not shorter and longer than __ above and below the knew cap
1 inch
Pumps are not worn with ___
Heels will measure from __ to __ inches
1 2 ½
Male blue dress uniforms will extend __ to __ inches below the crotch
1 2
Male officers’ dress blue trousers will have a __ inch wide scarlet stripe
1 ½
Officers will wear __ and company grade officers will wear __ vinyl dress caps
white black
Collar grade will be worn on the __ side of garrison cap while service insignia will be worn on the __ side
right left
Service coat insignia is worn on centered on the collar with eagle facing __ and wingtips __ parallel to bottom of coat
inboard wingtips
Female dress coat will be centered between the ___ roll and ___ of the collar
crease edge
Sword length is determined by holding the sword at ___ ___
carry position
Tip of the blade will not fall more than __ __ above or below eye level
one inch
On the tanker jacket - Marines must zip it closed to at least the top of the __ __ __
side slash pockets
The AWC and tanker jackets are authorized to wear with civilian clothing __ __
without insignia
Blue service sweater is authorized with the
Blue Dress C
Green service sweater is authorized with the
Service B - Service C or utility uniform
Green service sweater can be worn instead of the service __ uniform but must be worn with __ collar shirt top button __ and tie __
A khaki unbuttoned removed
Green service sweater may be rolled under as long as __ __ is concealed and sleeves may be rolled __ as long as shirt sleeves are concealed
web belt up
Awards are broken in three categories
personal and unit decorations - commemorative/campaign/service medals - marksmanship badges
Examples of personal decorations 6
1) medal of honor 2) navy cross 3) silver star 4) bronze star 5) purple heart 6) marine corps good conduct medal
Example of unit decorations 3
1) Presidential unit citation 2) Joint Meritorious Unit Award 3) Meritorious Unit Commendation
Commemorative medals are used to commemorate
a specific event or for a specific purpose
Campaign and service medals
are for a particular campaign - World War II Victory Medal - Kuwait Liberation Medal - Humanitarian Service
Large medals on males will be worn __ above the __ breast pocket with the __ edge of the holding bar on a line __ between the first and second __ __
centered left upper midway coat buttons
Large medals on females will be worn __ above the __ breast pocket with the __ edge of the holding bar about __ __ above a horizontal line to the highest part of the pocket
centered left upper one inch
When ribbons are worn with marksmanship badges they will be __ __ above the __ holding bar of the marksmanship badges
1/8 inch widest
Marksmanship badges are worn according to __