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The epidermis is made of stratified 1_____ 1_____ 1_____. Its nourishment comes from the 2_____ beneath it.
1) squamous epithelial tissue

2) dermis
The secretion that coats the skin and creates and oily barrier that holds in water is:
a. sebum
b. melanin
c. sweat
d. lymph
a. sebum
A result of the thinning of skin layers and degeneration of elastin fibers is:
a. evaporation
b. vasodilation
c. wrinkling
d. vasoconstriction
c. wrinkling
The dissipation of heat from the skin occurs through:
a. evaporation
b. vasodilation
c. wrinkling
d. vasoconstriction
b. vasodilation
The dermis is made of 1_____ 1_____ 1_____; the cells present are called fibroblasts. Fibroblasts produce the protein fibers 2_____ and 3_____.
1) fibrous connective tissue

2) collagen

3) elastin
hair follicle
tube in dermis in which hair root is located
oily substance secreted by sebaceous glands

coats skin to create barrier that retains water
The 1_____ 1_____ of the hair, located around the hair follicles, can 2_____, causing the hairs to 3_____ 3_____.
1) arrector muscles

2) contract

3) stand erect
Nail 1_____ are found at the ends of the fingers and toes. 2_____ in the nail root is a continuous process to produce new cells, which contain 3_____. As these cells die, they form the 4_____ 4_____.
1) follicles

2) Mitosis

3) keratin

4) visible nail
Free nerve endings are the receptors for 1_____, 2_____, and 3_____.
1) heat

2) cold

3) pain
_____ nerve endings are specific for touch and pressure.
The two kinds of sudoriferous (sweat) glands are . . .
1) apocine

2) eccrine
apocrine glands
modified scent glands

most numerous in the axillae & genital area

activated by stress & emotions
eccrine glands
secrete sweat onto skin surface - effective cooling mechanism

found throughout dermis but most numerous on face, palms, and soles

activated by high temperatures or exercise
Heat is retained through:
a. evaporation
b. vasoconstriction
c. vasodilation
d. wrinkling
b. vasoconstriction
The subcutaneous tissue, between the dermis and muscles, is made of 1_____ 1_____ tissue and 2_____ tissue.
1) areolar connective

2) adipose
subcutaneous adipose tissue
provides energy storage

cushions some bones

provides some insulation from cold
The 7 major effects of aging on the integumentary system are . . .
1) slower cell division

2) thinner/fragile skin

3) collagen/elastin fibers deteriorate

4) sebaceous/sweat glands decrease activity

5) less subq fat

6) hair thins

7) melanocytes die (gray hair)
Some of the factors that can influence skin color include (5 listed) . . .
1) temperature of patient

2) oxygenation

3) blood flow

4) exposure to UV rays

5 positioning
redness of the skin
Pallor is best assessed on the 1_____, 2_____, 3_____, and 4_____.
1) face

2) conjunctiva

3) nailbeds

4) lips
Erythema is best assessed on the 1_____ or 2_____ 2_____ 2_____.
1) face

2) area of trauma
The best place to inspect for jaundice is in the _____ _____ _____ _____.
sclera of the eye
The best places to inspect for cyanosis are the 1_____, 2_____, 3_____, and 4_____.
1) lips

2) nailbeds

3) conjunctivae

4) palms
any change or injury to tissue

may be primary or secondary
small purplish hemorrhagic spots

smaller than 0.5 mm in diameter
bruise in which color changes from blue-black to greenish-brown or yellow over time
skin turgor
measure of amount of skin elasticity

sternum is preferred location to assess turgor in elderly

poor skin turgor ("tenting" of skin) may indicate dehydration
pitting edema
pressure from finger leaves indentation in skin
hair loss
Clubbing of the fingernails may indicated 1_____, and spoon nails (concave) may indicated 2_____.
1) hypoxia

2) anemia
Skin cultures are done to determine the presence of 1_____, 2_____, and 3_____.
1) fungi

2) bacteria

3) viruses
Wet dressings are usually applied every 1_____ to 2_____ hours for 3_____ to 4_____ minutes.
1) three

2) four

3) fifteen

4) thirty
Wet dressings should not be prescribed for more than 1_____ 1_____, because the skin may become too dry or macerated.
1) 72 hours
The edges of the wound are approximated with staples or sutures with 1_____-_____ healing. With healing by 2_____-_____, the wound is usually left open and allowed to heal by granulation. With healing by third intention, an infected wound is left open until there is no evidence of infection and the wound is then 3_____ 3_____.
1) first-intention

2) second-intention

3) surgically closed