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failure of organ or part to develop/grow
abnormal bending forward of part of an organ
tipping forward of whole organ (W/O bending)
act or process of increasing in size, quantity, degree or severity
inflammation of skin covering glans penis
bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
surgical removal of both fallopian tubes & ovaries
device used to stop bleeding during surgical procedure
surgical repair of vagina
any process, device, or method that prevents conception
therapeutic use of cold
procedure for obtaining material from posterior vaginal cul-de-sac by aspiration or surgical incision through vaginal wall

performed for therapeutic or diagnostic reasons
incision or needle puncture of cul-de-sac of Douglas through vagina
bladder hernia that protrudes into vagina
dilation and curettage (D&C)
surgical procedure that expands cervical canal of uterus so that surface lining of uterine wall can be scraped
resembling the skin
pain associated w/menstruation
occurance of pain in labia, vagina, or pelvis during/after sexual intercourse
abnormal development of tissue
replacement of normal tissue w/fibrous tissue
consisting of fibrous tumors that have undergone cystic degeneration or accumulated fluid
increase in size of organ/structure/body

caused by growth rather than tumor formation
underdevelopment of a tissue organ or body
surgical removal of uterus through abd wall or vagina
incision of the uterus
without an opening
in vitro fertilization (IVF)
fertilization in a test tube
surgical opening of abdomen
laser ablation
therapeutic destruction of a growth or part of a growth
myoma consisting principally of smooth muscle tissue
plastic surgery of the breast
process of raising borders of an evacuated tumor sac to edges of abd wound & stitching them there to form a pouch
pain in the breast
excision of the breast
inflammation of the breast
correction of pendulous breast by surgical fixation & plastic surgery
removal of portion of muscle or muscular tissue
excision of entire uterus, including cervix uteri
stem that attaches a new growth
phase before onset of menopause during which cycle of a woman w/regular menses changes to pattern of irregular cycles & increased periods of amenorrhea
following sexual intercours
protrusion/herniation of posterior vaginal wall w/anterior wall of rectum through vagina
bending/flexing backward
moving backward

degenerating from better to worse
turning or a state of being turned back

tipping of an entire organ
congenital tumor containing 1+ of the three primary embryonic germ layers
inflammation of the vagina caused by Gardnerella vaginalis
Which of the following is the least effective form of contraception?
a. Douching
b. Condom w/spermicide
c. Diaphragm w/spermicide
d. Oral contraceptive medication
a. Douching
Following a hysterectomy, what should the nurse teach the patient to expect?
a. Heavy bleeding for a week
b. Symptoms of menopause
c. Painful intercourse for approximately 6 months
d. Monthly cramping but no menstrual flow
b. Symptoms of menopause
During an endometrial biopsy, the nurse observes for which of the following signs and symptoms of vasovagal response?
a. Pain in the chest and abdomen
b. Cramping and diaphoresis
c. High blood pressure and tachycardia
d. Bradycardia and falling blood pressure
d. Bradycardia and falling blood pressure
Which of the following can be used to treat vasovagal response during gynecologic procedures?
a. Atropine
b. Morphine
c. Epinephrine
d. Norepinephrine
c. Epinephrine
Which response by the nurse is most appropriate when a 60-year-old neighbor, who has been menopausal for several years, relates that she has begun having vaginal bleeding again?
a. "Ignore it -- it is perfectly normal."
b. "I guess you were not really menopausal yet."
c. "You should see a doctor to have that checked out as soon as possible."
d. "Give it time -- bleeding after menopause usually goes away within a month."
c. "You should see a doctor to have that checked out as soon as possible."
If a mastectomy patient has a Hemovac drain in place postoperatively, nursing actions should include which of the following?
a. Leave the drainage in the bag until the Hemovac is removed from the patient.
b. Stop the drain by clamping it.
c. Empty the bag as ordered and note the amount and color of drainage.
d. No action is necessary.
c. Empty the bag as ordered and note the amount and color of drainage.
Some of the factors that increase the risk for development of breast cancer include . . .
- increasing age
- personal/family hx of breast cancer
- high fat diet
- high alcohol intake
- estrogen treatment (especially when w/o progestins)
- early menarche
- late menopause
- late first pregnancy
- no pregnancies
The main treatment options for breast cancer are . . .
1) radiation therapy

2) chemotherapy

3) hormonal therapy

4) modification of biologic response

5) surgery
A patient that has undergone a mastectomy should avoid the use of the affected arm for 1_____ _____, 2_____, and 3_____.
1) blood pressure

2) venipunctures

3) injections
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a recurrent problem for many women and may involve . . .
- water retention
- headaches
- joint/muscle/breast discomfort
- changes in affect, concentration, & coordination
- sensory changes
The normal vaginal environment is a balanced ecosystem with a pH of less than 1_____ as a result of 2_____ _____ and 3_____ _____ production by cells in the vagina. This acidic pH protects the growth of many pathogenic microorganisms.
1) 4.2

2) lactic acid

3) hydrogen peroxide
Signs and symptoms of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) include . . .
- sudden high fever w/sore throat
- headache
- dizziness
- confusion
- redness of palms & soles of feet
- skin rashes
- blisters
- petechiae followed by peeling of skin
Most oral contraceptives contain what two hormones?
estrogen and progestin

(some only contain progestin)
Risk factors for development of vulvar cancer are . . .
- an STD of any type
- precancerous/cancerous changes of anus/genitalia
- immune system depression
- smoking
Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN)
changes in cells of cervix

can progress to cervical cancer
Some identified risk factors for development of cervical cancer include . . .
- sexual activity at an early age
- multiple sex partners
- several pregnancies
- smoking
- infection w/human paillomavirus or herpes simplex virus type II (HSV-II)
Treatments for preinvasive neoplasia include 1_____, laser therapy, and surgical removal of the involved area with a loop excision instrument or by 2_____. After any of these treatments the patient is advised not to 3_____, use 4_____, or have intercourse for approximately 5_____ _____ to allow for healing to take place.
1) cryotherapy
2) conization
3) douche
4) tampons
5) 2 weeks
_____ are the most common type of endoscopic surgical procedure employed for women's reproductive system surgeries.